Voting Rewards

  • Voting RewardPriceRemark
    Armor, Saddled, Weaponsdepends on ItemIngame Reward Vault
    Transfer of Elements
    (1k Element, one server to another)
    50 Ghost Coins -->
    Dino Color Tokens
    1x 50 Ghost Coins

    3x 120 Ghost Coins
    Check Dino Color Tokens
    EVENT: Double XP for one weekend500 Ghost CoinsMax. every 4 weeks

    Only one event per weekend --> Ticket
    EVENT: Double Breeding for one weekend750 Ghost CoinsMax. every 4 weeks

    Only one event per weekend --> Ticket
    EVENT: Dino Scan Weekend

    750 Ghost Coins

    Max. every 4 weeks

    Only one event per weekend --> Ticket
    Dino 100% Imprint100 Ghost CoinsWe will not change imprint player --> Ticket

    Big PVE Cluster Update: Ingame-Currency & Shop & Dino Preview ~~Thank you noelpy

    All about Ghost Coins, ARc Bars and Voting Rewards ~~Thank you Kat

    Questions and answers so far:

    Q1: Can we change the Imprinted Player

    A1: No, we will not do that.

    Q2: Do you get to chose the gender of the dino you ordered or is it just random?

    A2: You can Order it in the Reward Vault (Randome/M/W)

    Q3: Which colours are available?

    A3: We can only use those colours: Color IDs

    Q4: If I buy a wyvern is it fully matured/ imprinted / egg?

    A4: The wyverns are fully grown and without imprint.

    Q5: Will we add leveling dinos as reward?

    A5: No. Don't bother asking.

    Q6: Can dino xy be imprinted?

    A6: Only dinos that do have a growth cycle can be imprinted. If there is no baby variant out there, we can't imprint the dino.

    Q7: If I purchase ''Max. Lvl Phoenix + Perfect Tame'' does it have 100 imprint?

    A7: No it will be at lvl 225 BUT you can also purchase an 100 % imprint

    Q8: Can aberrant versions be ordered on island, ragnarok or centre?

    A8: They can, because you can transfer them from aberration to other maps anyway.

    Q9: With the custom colour for a dino, is it 50gc for one colour zone or can you do the whole dino for 50gc?

    A9: Whole Dino for 50gc!

    Q10: Considering the amount of GC it costs I'd prefer being able to at least have two to choose from so I don't end up with a Phoenix with 55 points in food.

    A10: Nope. You get what you're given. Don't like the stats? Order a new one.

    Q11: if you pay to raise a creature's imprint to %100, is it possible to raise the imprint after the creature is fully grown already?

    A11: Yes, it is.

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