Lack of admins (make a recruitment)

  • So recently 2 admins left the team and there's only 1 admin left along with owners. Leusele and owners are working almost everyday so they can't keep an eye on the server 24/7. People on server needs tons of support (someone stuck in place, tickets, forum, discord etc). There's some good and nice players that would be great admins. Don't get this wrong: I'm not saying that they can't keep it up, but some new admins would make everything better and easier. Also, maybe add ranks such as moderator or support?


  • Artyom <3

    Changed the title of the thread from “Lack of admins (make a recrutation)” to “Lack of admins (make a recruitment)”.
  • I totally agree with you Artyom <3

    The thing is we are all working in real live and for example I can help if i get home and that's after 16pm GMT+1

    We know about the fact that we have not enough admin power/ just 12h where we can act quick (afternoon and evening in Germany)

    BTW. 99% of all stuck thinks can be solved by players who carry a personal tp :) jk I know not everyone is in endgame.

    Our biggest problem is the "got kicked from the tribe" right now but we hava a solution which can fix it, we just need to test it.

    I hope we can give support more fast in the next time (cuz I have Home Office from tomorrow)