Possible Element Engram fix

  • From my understanding with what's going on, It seems like the Unstable Element/Element shard engrams are showing up as unusable because the game thinks that you are missing a prerequisite that doesn't exist. I just wanted to make this post to suggest a potential fix for this issue, which would be to override the engram entry and disable prerequisites for it. There technically aren't any prerequisites for either engram already, but adding in an override that disables prerequisites might possibly fix it. Any admin want to give this config a try in the next server restart?

    OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName=" EngramEntry_RefinedElement_C ",EngramHidden=false,EngramPointsCost=6,EngramLevelRequirement=58,RemoveEngramPreReq=true)

  • Since there's no announcement in forum and not everyone uses discord:

    To craft element from dust, type /element in chat - it will give you a working element blueprint that you can use to craft element in your inventory or a crafting structure. You can't upload the blueprint, but can claim it on all maps.