Auctions - browser non ARc bars payment items

  • you can choose which payment form you prefer actually.

    Yes but that's unviable.

    Suppose you want to buy a shotgun with non ARc bars, you will have to search for every single payment option in the auctions. That or not selecting the payment item and search in all the auction pages. For items/dinos with low offer this is fine but for items with 8 pages or more it takes a lot of time.

  • If this doesnt get implemented, CrazyIvan made a piece of code to disable showing auctions that ask for arc bars.

    Open the market site, right click on it and choose "inspect element" (or something around these lines), then select Console tab and paste there:

    1. Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('app-auction tbody tr td:last-child')).filter((i) => i.innerHTML.match(/ARc Bar/i) ).forEach((n) => = 'none')


  • Wait I didn't know that you guys implemented a web service for checking the auctions, that's poggers!
    My request was for the in-game auction but with this web version I think I'm fine, anyway if you could implement this feature it would be awesome.