Idea to get more players to pvp long term

  • greetings all and admins

    i must say the GD pvp servers are dead with a maximum of 7-10 players.

    10-15 players the first time all the server started 2 oct when i looked through battle matrix.

    a week after there was a maximum of 10 players last 2 weeks maximum of 7 of all the servers with myself.

    me i am hoping to see more players coming to the servers (but dont think its gonna happen)

    cant give a concrete answer on why not but i am gonna try to be honest.

    (no offence to the admins there do a good job on keeping the servers running)

    my thought about that in text like this

    1. Looks like many of the players there WAS playing and was in the forum wanted a hardcore pvp and wiping every 3 month on GD (unfrendly to new players)

    i cant see the good thing in GD doing that becours there is alredy MTS and ELITE ARK doing that and thay are way more active the GD with servers in EU usa

    2. GD is not so unique anymore by having something players might haw a lot of fun with.

    First time i played on GD was 3 month after scorched earth was released where we can lvl op player and dinos 300 times

        i had amazing amounts for fun when you can be 1 man army and still die while small newbie tribes still had a chance to do bosses

        without doing insane breeding.

    3. The rules.

    • Every tribe is allowed to have one main base, one outpost (7x7x4) and up to 3 areas with max 20 structures and no turrets per map.

    This one can be a bit intermediating to young players there just want a good time but still play pvp

               so if they build anywhere ells then main base there got orp it can get raided when ever so its op to them how much they want to lose.

    • It is forbidden to place turrets or alike in or in front of artifact caves.

    add the artefacts to the TCs so every one can get them cheaply so players can just vote to get them

               and then let them build on artefacts if they fell like. (there is already many caves they cant build in anyway)

    I think that's all i just want the servers to keep running.

    But after the servers started to wipe every 3 month and lost the unique player/dino lvl op 300 times i seen the constant player amount droopingto what it is now where i am guessing the pvp servers

    cant pay for them self any more (if they even was to before)

    again no offence to the admins they do hell of a job keeping them running

    best regards Unknown G4SE

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