imprinting problem

  • So... i have 3 tek rexes and i started to imprint them. 1st imprint was while breeding event was active and i got 50% for each one. 2nd imprint was after event and only got 20%. 3rd imprint gave me another 20% but.... rexes are at 84% maturation and next imprint is 1 hour 30 min away. there is simply no time to do 100% imprinting. all imprint timers were respected, i did imprinting the moment it was possible.

    so does this mean we cant do 100% imprinting on rexes? without event i would be at only 60%.

    and these are level 568 and 570 tek rexes, its a damn shame if i cant get those up to 100%

  • The problem is rather simple...the boosted rates don't match with the normal rates. Just don't start another batch of Rexes when the event's almost over and you are fine. You get the whole weekend to benefit from the boosted rates just watch the remaining time before you breed more.

    If you really need to get that imprint up to 100% you still can invest Ghostcoins to buy imprint.