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  • I heard many people, especially newcomers, complain that in the Auction House everything is sold only for ARc Bars. And honestly this is the most profitable way. No, not because you get bars. Fuck bars.

    That's because of fee. When you're selling for bars, fee is very low. But when for ingots, it gets higher. And sometimes you want to sell cheap things for well, cheap, and the fee is way higher than your price.

    So people who want to support newcomers with more accessible auctions get punished for it. Fee is calculated based on buyout amount or quantity sold, whichever is higher.

    Current ingots:bars ratio is 5000:5, so here's an example:

    Selling a dino for 5000 ingots, fee is 250 ingots.

    Selling a dino for 5 bars, fee is 5 ingots.

    Selling savroot seeds, x50, for 1 week, for 5 ingots: fee is 7 ingots (so you loose 2 ingots)

    Selling 5000x longrass, 1 week, 200 ingots: fee is 350 ingots (you loose 150 ingots)

    - and so on.

    Selling for metal, and selling resources is pointless - people will buy it, but you get nothing from it (unless you set weird prices) - and people who only sell items for bars pay almost no fee and get the bars - the more they have, the less they loose.

    My suggestions is setting a flat fee, so every auction has the same - for example 1 ingot - so doesnt matter if you sell for 1k ingots or 1 bar, your fee is the same, and this way maybe more people would be encouraged to use metal.


  • Alternatively, the fee for arcbars could be increased. 1:5000 ingots. :S

    Not possible. You can only set flat amount and choose the fee currency - atm it's ingots, if you set it to bars then only a few people, such as yourself, will be able to afford selling.

  • I just wanted to say that we could increase the tax on sales with Arcbars if possible. :S

    Maybe this will encourage some to sell not only for arcbars when selling becomes cheaper for resources.

  • Not possible. You can only set flat amount and choose the fee currency - atm it's ingots, if you set it to bars then only a few people, such as yourself, will be able to afford selling.

    can we ask ghazlawl about this? to allow dynamic tax? so you get taxed based on the payment you ask for.

  • The fee is dynamic already. But it's calculated on the quantity of selling resource if it's higher than the price. Also Ghaz isn't going to work on AH this year anymore, already spent a few past weeks on it, now it's time to focus on another of his mods. And if it's still basef on payment, then people asking for bars still have a huge advantage over people asking for bars. Hence flat fee.

  • yea I agree with flat fee, I meant having currency of fee change based on the payment that you ask for.

    so for example if I want to sell a bee hive, I can set payment of 5 arc bars and pay 1 arc bar fee, or ask for 5k metal and pay 1 ingot fee.

  • First off I have an issue with people claiming to want to keep a healthy market while indulging in monopolizing sales by taking out the people who are ACTUALLY trying to help new players. I honestly would prefer a system where Arc Bars are the fees themselves and the fee needs to be quite high. 1% is a joke. People who have hoarded arc bars take everything listed for resources off the market and relist them for arc bars.

    Yes, I am partially hypocritical, because I was not the healthiest trader because I thought I was doing good for the community. I saw that was wrong and I gave away all my GC/BARS.

    There definitely needs to be a better market system/AH system in place so that people who actually help new players don't get screwed over by the hoarders.

  • can this be modified so only buyout amount matters and quantity is ignored? that would solve the problem of losing ingots for cheap items

    Nope, not possible. I already mentioned all possible fee configurations twice, or so.

    Ghaz said he won't have any time to work on AH until November. The changes you guys ask for are possible, but require a lot of work, and he's busy with work and freelancing. If you really want it, you can support him by sending donations, so these hours spent on it pay off. He already spent a lot of hours this week trying to replicate and fix our crashes (and to figure out if they are caused by AH at all).

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  • I would do a lot more trading if it didn't cost you more to list than you earn for selling the items. It does me no good as a growing newish player to try to sell things for resources when the auction fee means I lose everything and then some. Selling an item for 1k of something and paying the auction house mod 1500 of the same item to earn that 1k means I lost 500 instead of making any gain at all off the trade....basically I paid the auction house for someone to take my stuff, which is broken enough not to want the mod in the first place because its not fair. I'm not swimming in ARc bars either so that isn't an alternative for me. I save my vote rewards for trading with marketplace traders who want GC for the stuff they sell.

    And increasing the tax on ARc bars doesn't solve the problem, it only multiplies it. Because then you'd be wasting an even more rare currency, and would at that point be spending more arcbars to list an auction than you earn from the auction itself. The imbalance literally defeats the entire purpose, regardless of the currency. I would also vote for a flat rate. Why does there need to even be a tax when it doesn't go anywhere? This is a game, not IRL where taxes actually contribute to stuff like the school system, medical system, or crazy politician paychecks. It literally goes into the nether here and nobody sees it again. So what's the point?

  • Think a flat fee of xx(x) metal would be best for having more people involved in trading.

    Making the fee arc bars would be a bit backwards as it would decrease sellers without a doubt. Which I dont think is desirable.