All about Ghost Coins, ARc Bars and Voting Rewards

  • 1. What are Ghost Coins and ARc Bars?

    Ghost Coins (GC) are vote points, ARc Bars are their ingame counterpart. You can spend them on voting rewards and trade them with other players.

    2. How to get Ghost Coins?

    GC can be obtained by voting on the three servers listed on the right side of forum. Vote using the same Steam account that you use to log in to this site.

    You can get 9 GC daily from voting. GC should be delivered within an hour. You can see your balance in top right corner of forum.

    Note: at the beginning of each month GC are delivered with delay, usually up to 5 days.

    3. How to exchange Ghost Coins to ARc Bars?

    Log in to Ghost Data using your Steam account. Press "View my profile", then choose "Ghost Coins" on the left. Pick the map on which you want your ARc Bars delivered and enter the amount of GC to transfer. Open Reward Vault in game and click Reward Menu in the middle to see and withdraw your ARc Bars.

    You have to be in game to be able to exchange your GC to Bars. The amount of GC to transfer must be between 9-1000.

    4. What voting rewards are available?

    In this thread you can find a list of things to buy for GC. In game there is a Reward Vault, where you can purchase items and dinos.

    5. How does the Reward Vault work?

    Learn the engram, craft it and place it on a wall. Open its inventory and press "Reward menu" in the middle tab. On the left side of reward menu there are several categories of rewards.

    To purchase an item or a dino, find what you like and press the number in its title, then change it to "1x" (it's 0 by default). Scroll to the top of the list and change the first item to "0x", then press "Purchase".

    Purchased item will appear in the Vault's inventory. Dino will appear as a summon ticket that has to be consumed within 15 minutes (move it to your inventory and press "E" hovering over it.

    6. How to ger ARc Bars to use in Auction House or trading?

    ARc Bars are saved on your ingame account, you have a separate account on every map. To get them in physical form (to use in Auction House etc.), choose "Misc" category in Reward Vault and then "Exchange 1/10/50/100", then purchase it and Bars will appear as an item. To add them back to your balance, simply consume them.

    7. How to transfer Ghost Coins?

    Transfer of Ghost Coins is disabled.

    8. Can i buy Ghost Coins/ ARc Bars?

    No. Ghost Division doesn't sell anything. For donating you get the pink name, patrons get some perks such as dino recolors. It's not allowed to trade GC/ Bars/ any in-game items/dinos for real money.

    9. Can i exchange my ARc Bars back to Ghost Coins?

    No, it's not possible.

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