Solo Farming Tool

  • Transfer tool works just as fine, don´t see any need for another mod. I play mostly solo and when I farm i just use an argy and fly the anky to where I wanna farm. then I use the whip to get it around the nodes. Ofc it´s faster with a tribe m8 but I only save a few minutes with a tribe m8 =/

  • Since the newest ARK update the rates have improved 25% one metal run with my 45+75 wheight argy gives me like 13.000 metal in about 12-13 minutes, i don't really see the reasoning for one man to need more metal then that really. It's a no from me, nice tool nonetheless.

  • Idk how this works but if without using mod some things can be changed to make it easier for new players (like allowing auto attack for anky same as how doedi does it) I don't have problem with that, but it's not something worth increase in number of mods, so no to the mod from me.

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  • Hello, we will not install another mod which improves/extends resource farming as a single player on our server. We already have enough possibilities to farm resources as singleplayer as well. For example with transmitters, transfer tools etc.

    Greetings Mschmidi

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