Suggestions for Season 4

  • Thats raid balancer plugin. In the past it was suggested by admins themselves but people had some concerns: Quo vadis, PvP?

  • the bottomline is that ppl like pl0x will always root for less protection, bigger tribes and so on while the smaller tribes will always root for, you know, improvments for smaller tribes. a 2-3 man tribe limit with only 2 maps would be smth to try at least once since the "big tribes" might populate the server but dont raid that much and if they do they ofc wipe any tribe weaker than them in seconds (which is basically 90% of the server thinking about how many "no-lifers" are in bigger tribes). if you want a populated server with pvp action take out some maps and leave the 2 most voted (center - genesis f.e.). in my experience the bigger tribes have actually 3 really active members and the rest would be "weekend players" could allow 1 alliance for instance to compensate those tribes. my 2 cents.

    i wont return until the tribe limit is lowered and i think that many ppl think that way since after 1 week every smaller tribe is gone and its AGAIN the same 3-5 tribe fighting each other. if you want that, im cool with that, but if you want new population that stays a little longer you should rethink from the beginning

    have a nice day, cheers!

  • Full orp is a must have. Many of us have work and family so we can only play few hours a day, sometimes far less then that. There will allways be those who are online 24/7 and its ok. But when you play for 2 hours a day, logout and you login next day just to find your base destroyed every single time.... You will loose players fast.

    Add a combat timer so you cant logout in the middle of fight or raid, like 5-6 hours delay before orp becomes active. And despawn timer so we dont get those 1 foundation block bases all over the map. 1 week is ok. If you dont login in that time, your base is deleted