Suggestions for Season 4

  • Dear PvP players, time for your input again! Help us deliver an awesome Season 4! We are open to suggestions that would help us give everyone an awesome experience! Please leave all suggestions here as we can track them easily and bring them up in our meetings to discuss them!

  • Ah shit, here we go again.

    Bring back Genesis, Island and Valguero. I think having all maps is more appealing to new players, then the slight increase of players on others maps leaving them out will give.

    Element: something needs to be transferable, cba to have that discussion again.

    Shard farming on Genesis has been nerfed 40% in last patch, no need for further nerfing.

    Shard farming on CI is pretty bad, no need for nerfing here.

    How about trying a 10 man season? It's great fun and might attract a new crowd then the 6 man do.

    X4 orp and webhook works great imo, big 👍

  • This is my own thoughts and from what I've spoken about with others!

    Element dust transfer only.

    Add genesis to the cluster.

    Removed restrictions on outpost limit. Current orp rules make them raidable offline so any outpost without turrets will be blown up easily and pointless.

    More incentives/help to rebuild after being wiped? Have to think about this one but people seem to get raided once and leave. Maybe something can be done to try get them to stay (will have a think just an idea).

    The ORP setting seem amazing I think this should stay the same 😁. I haven't been able to play this season obviously so this is from an outside perspective and feedback from others.

  • tbh i pref a full orp, just need to make the settings correct, its not fun being offlined. also so many people is saying they want active pvp but there is rarely any when most raids happen offline

  • i also pref a full orp, just need to fix how the pvp timer works so that if you lockout the timer can keep getting reset or do so that if you lockout with a active timer then it remains active for like 6 hours

  • Gunnsen

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  • Maybe look into the titan situation. Not being able to upload dinos on Extinction is a poor solution, if there is no better way of doing it, then maybe just allow them on all maps or make them untamable.

  • Clear indication on what settings are available on pvp. Like dino transfers being unavailable on extintion.

    Element dust only for transfer

    Only 2 main locations per map with ORP but allow a few outposts without.
    The ability to purchase breedable Dinos should not be a thing.

    If a map is excluded then those Dino's / tames should not be available.

  • I feel like the full orb has to come back. It is not always easy to combine ark with a full time job when you are a solo or part of a smaller tribe. You can't be online all the time to protect your base. Nothing is more demotivating in ark to come back after a day of work to see your base is wiped without being able to defend it. Ofcourse the full orb need some adjusments so it can't be abused, but it will keep the servers more populated and attract new players.

  • I don't think most of the population was in the 1-3 players in tribe range tbh.

    I did not play much this wipe but I can count 7-8 tribes that I think at some point was in the 4-6 players range. That is a good chunk of the pop.

    I see several people in both forum and discord wants full orp back, personally I like the orp from this wipe but maybe it would be beneficial to go back to full orp. Tho ONLY if the timer for combat logging get increased a lot. 6 hours like mentioned here sounds good.

  • Personally I would love full orp. As a father in his 30s some days I just don't have the time to get on so that really helps me play long term. A wide variety of maps is always appreciated especially some of the newer ones like Genesis and Crystal isles. I would also like smaller tribe limits. Making alliances for boss fights and such really add a interesting dynamic in my opinion and oftentimes gives the littler guy a chance to get some tek.

  • I fully agree with smaller tribes, it will be a different type of gameplay will atrract new types of people, cause now the servers die down after 1 week cause all the big tribes wiped the small tribes and the small tribes leave then the big tribes remain wipe eachother and after 2 weeks no players left

  • Lowering tribe limit will make the tribes that are more then 2-3 people quit the server. I know I will certainly not be able to convince my tribe to come back if they can't even play together.

    Yes tribes could split up and still talk in discord etc. But then what is the point? They will still act as 1 tribe but they just can't raid together.

    There are no rules atm stopping anyone from doing bosses together, any small tribe can reach tek if they want it.

  • Yeah full orp needs atleast a 2 hour punishment window for/to prevent combat logging. And if possible the full orp should decay over time so that there wont be a ton of unmanned bases around which require admins to delete them.

    Allthough I think that the people who want full orp back dont realize how strong the 4x buffs are. But I guess its to be expected since reaching tek takes longer than 3 weeks here for the avaregs tribes.

    Only issues from my POV from the current season are the newborn autotrap feature of soul balls and the ingame shop offering non neutered max lvl tames and capped soaker saddles.

  • There definitely was some very OP saddles in the shop indeed.

    I don't see the problem with the dinos tho, it's RNG for some very expensive dinos, however they could take away the possibility to choose gender if possible, that way it's all about luck and you can't easily get a breeding pair.

  • Something I saw on another cluster I was looking at that might be a good idea here.
    Rebuild Kits if a tribe gets wiped to help prevent people from stopping play when wiped.
    Turret damage adjustment when 1-2 people are defending againts 4-6 players attacking

    Adjusts the Turret Damage based off the number of players attacking compared to how many are defending.

    If a tribe member of the defending tribe logs out the defender count will remain the same. However, if more members log on or an alliance member is detected within range the count increases. If no PvP activity is detected within 30 minutes the defender count will decrease.

    The number of attackers is based on range and updates at set intervals.

    Turret Damage Example:

    Tribe A = 4 people

    Tribe B = 2 people

    Tribe A attacks Tribe B with 4 people. Turret Damage = 150%

    Tribe A withdraws a member and it becomes 3 vs 2. Turret Damage = 125%

    Tribe A withdraws another member making it 2 v 2. Turret Damage = 100%

    Anyways I just found that interesting. :)

  • Sounds like a good and balanced idea but seems very hard to code