Discord channel for suggestions

  • This is for PvE and PvP.

    Open a discord thread for suggestions. You can make one for them (probably ran by a bot, so a person has to type !suggest blblabla in bot chat, then it goes to the channel and pepole can vote with emojis) and one for discussion. Like most servers do. Many people can't be bothered to go to forum to submit their thoughts, it's way easier to use discord, and this form of communication is preferred espacially by our beloved PvP community.

  • I guess those suggestions are not that important if someone will not even create a post for that. Discord is an abomination and no-one wants to search hundreds of spam messages for one good suggestion. With the Forum we have a list what to discuss, have all the comments on a suggestion in a thread, can love and comment that thread etc.

    We will not support Discord in any other way that we already do, Discord already makes it much harder to maintain this project and we will not make our life's any harder by adding more chaos to our already pretty full to do lists.


  • Gunnsen

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