Official 2x becoming normal, will it affect GD Servers

  • So means that new x1 will be old x4? Funny.

    If we keep current settings and wc doubles the base then people will mimimi that if they wanted to play with official rates, they'd go to official servers, others will cry (especially pvp) that when they joined they had to farm hard and now newcomers have it twice as easy. Plus the game will just get easier and faster...

    I expect some heated discussions :evil:

  • We are also thinking about how to advertise etc. the new rates.

    Probably the same way as other servers will decide to do. In banners/ads you can include "compared to vanilla" note. Many players wont know about the change for a while, many won't understand it - like it was with setting x2 as base. And in server name imo you should use rates compared to vanilla as well, whatever they are at given moment (obviously without the note)