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  • Hello everyone ,

    I have noticed that on the pvp cluster ,dinos in soul balls don't get any xp and I wanted to ask if you could maybe enable it as it is also enabled on pve and dinos also level up in normal cryopods, besides I don't really see a game breaking aspect of it because we have a tame limit and it would be nice if your dinos would get a little bit of xp when they're in the souls and you dont have to throw then all out ,I know there are different ways of leveling your dino otherwise but it would really help alot and I think many players would agree as we are all used to it already and it's not a bad thing.😃

  • We disabled the XP gain in souls after our meetings in Discord cause according to my notes players said they do not want any passive (re-)generation in souls, but you are right about the cryopod. I will take that to the team and most likely reactivate the passive XP generation, but we will need to test the amount of XP they get (we can adjust it) cause iirc they level slower while in cryopods. I will set up a testserver and gather some more intel on that.

    I do not think there is an "get XP only while in terminal" setting. Souls work different than cryos as they do not spoil, so the terminal is not mandatory and was not implemented like the cryofridge. We might set the passive xp gain slightly lower than "real world rates" for passive XP to minimize the difference, but I don't think this is a big issue as the passive XP gain is not that big.

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