Being an Admin on The Ghost Division

  • As an admin you do your part to keep the servers and the community running.

    Of course, your tasks mainly include the support of players who need our help or have questions, for this our ticket system is your place to go.

    To make it as easy as possible for our admins, our one and only support platform is the ticketsystem, which on the one hand ensures that important inquiries can be saved so every team member has access to it and on the other hand it gives us more free time because we are able to work all cases through in a targeted manner. We actively support our players with questions and problems relating to Ark and work permanently to make our support effective and quick.

    You also support the Owners when it comes to testing and optimizing the server.

    As part of the team, you naturally influence the direction in which our project develops. Things like server settings, player wishes, concepts or ideas are discussed in team meetings.

    Of course Ark is a hobby and we don't expect any team member to be present 24/7. Everyone should only do as much as she or he can and want.


    - You are eyes and ears on the servers and ensure a respectful atmosphere.

    - You help our community with questions and problems via ticket support.

    - You help to enforce rules and requirements on the servers.

    - You support us in keeping the maps clean and keeping everything going.

    - You take part in meetings and decide with us.

    - You become part of the team and support the project.


    - An application with some information about you and your motivation

    - 18+

    - Ark experience

    - Fluid in German or English

    - Teamspeak

    - A helpful personality

    - No abusal of admin powers!


    If you want to apply as Game Admin please write a short application via Discord or Forum PM to the Owners. This should include a short summary about you, your experience with Ark and your motivation to become an admin.

    NOTE: We are currently only looking for Game Admins that will also play ARK 2 after launch!

    We are looking forward to your application