• Allow every rathole this season except the knockout ratholes or the ones that see in the mesh! those should not be allowed and the rule that a rathole is allowed if you can fit a dino trough is almost impossible to follow and will make most of the ratholes not buildable or some of the caves.

    Most of the tribes on ghost are medium size ( 2-4 players) so they will have a bigger chance to survive if they can build in any official rathole.

    We Know tribes that didn't wanted to play on ghost because ratholes was not allowed to build and in pvp they are crucial sometimes to build up without getting raided everyday and I would go this time for a good population instead of blocking too many things in pvp.

    The new orp is very nice and one of the reasons we will play again on ghost but don't block the ratholes this time because it's already hard to build up for most tribes... And without full orp it's gonna be even harder to build up for most of those tribes.

    You take so many good spots away in pvp to build if we put a rule on the ratholes...

    Allow them for one season and see how it goes there is nothing wrong with that

  • What is the reason you don't want people to build in them btw?

    Hiding in ratholes is very popular in pvp.

    Without full orp most of them are far from unraidable if that was the tought.

    Also the fact there is anti meshing now, and wildcard has recently been activly fixing spots that are unintended for building, is a good reason for allowing it.