Dinos on continous mating and event topics

  • Hi. I have two questions.

    1. "Keeping dinos on wandering or mating all the time is forbidden (Exception: game mechanics like those from dung beetle, oviraptor etc.)"

    Yet I hear from people that they are leaving dinos with mating on and hatchery is picking eggs. Is this allowed for example for rexes or magmasaurs? In my opinion this rule is clear and its not allowed. Can any admin confirm that its forbidden?

    2. I'm going to organise more events more frequently (probably once a week) on genesis 1 map. I have some event ideas. I would like to announce them on forum and discord.

    - Where should I announce that on discord? pve-chat?

    - Where should I create topics for each event? I don't want to spam too much with one topic every week. Last topic looks like this: Gods of Darkness Genesis Maze Event 14 April

  • Darkayen

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  • 1. yes its forbidden and we also check this from time to time and remove dino´s and eggs if necessary.

    2. maybe you should think about to apply as event manager (we also have a extra server for events)

    Greetings Mschmidi