Small message to 4 people that reported me on genesis 1 and to admins

  • Hi. Today I was kicked from the server before I was even able to read why. Later I was informed that 4 people from genesis 1 created tickets against me that I spam my offers there.

    To these 4 people:

    I try to not send my trading offer too often (few times per day seems to be acceptable in my opinion). I have a prepared offer that is mainly information for new/starting players on genesis map that I can sell them most important dinos very cheap. I do this mainly for them (but I like trading in general) and I enjoy hepling them. They join server at random hours so in order to reach them I write this offer few times per day. They often dont read forum and dont read marketplace offers on discord - its pretty common for new players. Often they dont even know about GC so we (players) explain them how to get them which also gives more votes for the server. So its obvious that general chat is the best way to reach them and explain everything... to also give them some basic stuff for start... also keep in mind that start on genesis map isnt easy.

    I talked about that with people on genesis 1 map and they don't see my offers as a spam

    [Blocked Image:]

    Anyway I can understand that seeing the same message 10th time in a week may make people angry. The frequency of my offers is the same as I had when abberation dlc came out. Somehow then people didn't have such problems with that. Anyway like I said.. I understand them and I will greatly decrease the frequency of my offers.

    To admins:

    I play here for around 2 years. There weren't any problems with me ever. I always respect rules. I don't think that kicking me without any discussion is a good way of handling such things. Obviously it's your server and you can do anything you like but I think that its better to talk to someone first.

    I talked with people on genesis 1 server about this issue and most of them were surprised that there were such reports and that we are not allowed to post such offers on global chat more than 0 or 1 per day. Lots of people are doing that on genesis 1. If that is not allowed then please update rules about that. We respect rules and we think that we help new players and we contribute to getting this server more popular by encouraging to vote for this server. We would prefer to not be kicked for that.

    I will decrease the frequency of my offers but please don't kick me or other players for posting such offers 1-3 times / day if there is no clear rule that forbids that.

    This topic is created not to argue about anything. Just some small info to some people. To make this server even better :)

  • I was about the report for same behaviour on Gen2 not gonna lie.

    Of course you don't see the issue else you wouldn't be doing it. But I can see it happen already that not 1 but more people start doing it, and then its getting even more annoying.

    And as someone who likes to trade myself as well for cheap prices ,so people can play the way they want, it also feels as unfair competition. I don't wanna resort to such measures to sell as we already have Auction House, #Marketplace on Discord and PvE Marketplace on forums. But to have even playing field I feel like I need to now.

    Anyways those are my 2cts on the matter.

  • Hello, i only looked at your advertising for the last 2 days and we have allready 15 messages from you.

    Some players love what you doing and i am sure this is also a help for new players.

    But you also need to understand that if everybody or just a few players would do this the same way on all other maps we have a big problem with up to 100 of messages per hour what would spam the global chat a lot.

    Thats why the Rule "Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden." for PvE Cluster.

    So i tryed to keep it just simple and without any big attention, just kicked you once, messaged you after in a privat chat and informed you about that issue.

    In my eyes there is a clear rule about, so in future pls reduce your advertising or as i said to you in that privat chat use our forum (marketplace refresh is allowed once a week) or the discord marketplace as plattform for your advertising.


    Greetings Mschmidi




  • I have a feeling that these are logs from all maps. Not just one. Also I'm asked about what I sell few times per day on the server so its better for me to simply post it again.

    Anyway as we discussed I will decrease it greatly. (to 1 per map per day) and I understand you 100%.

  • I still have one question. I posted my offer once yesterday but in the next few hours I was asked 3 times (by 3 players at different times) about what do I sell. What should I do If player that is not using forum and discord and he doesn't want to come to my base (most players)... asks me about what I sell? Can I simply post the same message instead of writing it on my own (which will take much more lines on chat and time) ? I assume that trading is still not forbidden on global chat - lots of players trade like this.

    For now I do screenshots everytime when I was asked about that. I dont want to be kicked or banned so please tell me what behaviour is acceptable on ghost division servers.

  • If players are asking you about your services I would assume players would much appreciate a written reply rather then a copy/paste answer as this is still gonna come across to server admins as a spam answer.

    Yes its time consuming but at the same time when you decided to open shop you choose to take on these types of responsibilities.

    Like tomscorer said redirect them to these platforms or simply take the time to chat to players in global chat.

    If I was to sell stuff and a player asked me what I sell I would simply reply with "What are you looking to buy?" In my opinion if someone don't know what they are looking for then they probably wasting your time lol

  • I live on Genesis 1 myself and can tell that these messages were hella annoying. And it wasnt "just a few times per day" it was like every 30 minutes. Imagine everyone spamming something every 30 minutes.. the chat would be completely gone.

  • I'll be as honest as it gets, when you first started trading for stuff, you were spamming the hell off of the chat, like every 40 ish mins, or even less sometimes (It was 3 weeks ago just to clarify) and it was actually getting quite annoying and repetitive, but I'll admit, you did slow down after that, for like, every 2 hours you will post it, that's what I saw and I hope you understand my point of view of stuff.

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