Turn on auto decay

  • The Island PVE server is cluttered and littered with small unfinished bases / pillars / taming pens / camp fires.

    Turning the decay on in the server settings would help clear these automatically and therefore keep the server running smoother. Regular players stuff wont get touched

  • Players who are away for 7 days without making a ticket about it will get wiped, admins are doing cleanups everyday, they can't clear everything up, and if there is a decay timer, those who goes to a vacation or anything can't leave their base because no matter what it will decay, so it's not a good option.

    Note: If you see any type of traps Click Here

    And you can make a ticket if you see anything else that way admins will know where to look at.

    And also on discord there is a 24hours clean up of people with more then 2 bases (1 outpost) (for genesis it's 1 base without outpost)

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