Removal of the Personal Transporter

  • Looks the the Personal transporter is being abused in PVP Servers. players that are getting picked from enemy players are tel-porting back to base. causing no harm to them and then they TP right back in the fight. they are also sniping and when they lose a armor piece they teleport back to base and replace it giving them the upper hand. and lastly in fights when a player is killed and sent to his base on timer players are tel-porting right back in the fight. the personal tel-porter is breaking game mechanics. my suggestion give the person teleport a timer similar to the pvp timer on the personal transfer tool. or remove the personal TP altogether. this item is not used on official servers do to game breaking mechanics.

  • OK, I will see what is wrong, I guess it is due to the switch of S+ to SS...

    I just changed the Config, the server will load it with the next restart, can you then please try again? It should be blocked again now.

  • Personal teleporters can still be crafted and used and the SS tek teleporters cannot be accessed or used at all when you are in combat (active ORP timer). Valguero also seems to crash when people use the vanilla teleporter, could be a coincidence tho but seen that happen around 3-4 times now.