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  • After playing Genesis for a while and having as much fun as ever in Ark i realised what will happen as soon as the transfering starts.

    First things first if ppl can transfer there 600 tek rexes with 186 saddles over here OR even gigas all mission will be pretty much useless and with ease to do.

    for that i thought maybe it would be possible to activate tranfer from genesis to rest freely but not the transfer on Genesis.

    Maybe you can only bring Structures and well ... bps... but no OP Dinos.

    For the Mission system is everything in Genesis and once it becomes a joke to handle Genesis will become a joke.

    What are your opinions on that?

  • What if people are uploading the dinos? :D

    Well Dani is suggesting to disable the dino transfer to Genesis while enabling the item transfer to it. But that makes no sense, because you could just soul the dino, upload the soul (because its an item) and unsoul it on Genesis. And boom you have your OP dino on Genesis.

  • So will you consider not making a transfer at all? I mean Ik people want their new dinos on all maps and stuff but, it will really but really ruin the game.

    Extinction made Element easy to get

    While genesis has a turtle that you can build a base on it (also easy to get element as you can buy it)

    And those blood stalkers will make any cave so easy to get into, as they don't count as flyer.

    It will just ruin every map as if it's not ruined enough.

    Just my opinion :)

    + Those whales can fly, you can just solo any titan with that whale probably.

  • +1. I say keep outgoing transfers of dinos and items, but not ingoing transfers.

    I 100% agree with this- I'm all for letting people use Genesis to get new tames and items, but given the restrictive size of the map, I think transfers *in* should be prohibited if this set up is possible with Ark's settings.

  • I think a PVE wipe and then allow all transfers is a solution.

    People already got tek stuff in genesis after it got released, like, about 1 week or so, so, imagine when all maps can transfer even if there is a wipe, it will all go to the same place it was before the market massacre, there is no point.

    I think just not making genesis transferable will work the best.

  • after a wipe the first boss run will be in a month or more. during this time all the kids will be bored, servers will not be so crowded with lvl 7 sleeping bodies and thatch foundations. in a couple of months genesis hysteria will end, everything will go back to normal. I think rules should be applicable even. What will be the point to play 2 different games on the same cluster? On genesis you do not have access to reward vault to buy stuff you need? So why not to bring your own?

    I bought genesis, but my first travel there will be in 2 months from now, same as I did when valguero and scorched were added

  • You have no idea what you are talking about, do you?

    If you try hard enough, you can run bosses in a week after joining a server with high rates, like GD has. Even if you are solo.

    Genesis hype will calm down within a few weeks, not months. Like always with a new DLC.

    ATM voting reward aren't available on any maps due to mod update and it will take some time to set it up, my bet is that all rewards system will be reworked and then applied to all maps, including genesis. Bringing your own stuff to new map? No, you should defeat that map, learn it first, before bringing all stuff that makes it easier. New maps should be experienced fully, learned the hard way, not the *everything served on a golden plate* way.

    Sleeping bodies? Noone cares, they end up being eaten by wild dinos anyway. Thatch foundations? Admins are cleaning up random structures and inactive bases all the time. They missed something? Let them know.

    Wipe won't solve anything. Not a normal wipe. A server relaunch, with different settings, different mods, plugins, rules, policy... Yes. Every single detail would have to be reworked to create a server that would run in long term and stay fresh and enjoyable, without being flooded by overpowered items and dinos. But that would require an enormous, massive amount of work.

    And if you want to discuss a wipe, this is not the right place for it, so stop being a broken record and dont make any more offtopic here.

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  • I had a few weeks break due to my PC basically dying, came back Saturday gone to restart on Genesis. I like the whole starting again, learning map and all that.

    but, i do get what people are saying about OP dinos being transferred in, but thats the same on any server cluster even on offical. It happens on every ark map release.
    If you dont like the idea of people bringing dinos over from their bases on other maps, then play singleplayer or a cluster that doesnt allow transfers.

    And i dont have OP dinos myself, im still fairly new on this servers i am a PVe player and i am more of a base builder, but i would like to move my main base to genesis (based on 3 days of gameplay) and bring dinos with me.

  • Thing is, it doesn't matter if people bring OP dinos into genesis, as by the end of it, if you want to play brand new, then don't do it yourself. You don't have to get a forced barrier making sure it doesn't happen. Allow people to play their own ways and if you wanna play legit, go ahead, but if others want to ruin the game/map for themself it wouldn't change anything.

    Personally, I believe after about 3 weeks from release Genesis DLC will die as frankly, there is not much you can do, atleast what i know of, but after about a month opening transfers wouldn't bring the DLC back to life, nor kill it, as if people want to play without bringing the OP dinos and items, they wouldn't think about it in the first place.

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  • Dear all,

    I see that this topic is interesting for all. Thats why I 'propose a survey regarding future of the PVE cluster as follows:

    1. PVE cluster wipe with reset of ghost coins counter. All transfers allowed between servers. Means a fresh start for all old and new players.

    2. PVE cluster wipe, all transfers allowed. Fresh start for all, advantage for old players who can buy high level dinos from the beginning

    3. PVE cluster not wiped, transfers allowed between servers. That means same rules for all servers. You are free to take it in the hard mode or soft mode bringing your belongings from other maps

    4. PVE clusters not wiped, transfer between maps not allowed. Same rules for all the maps. Means you have to play different games on same cluster with only one avatar (or as many as you want). Genesis is a DLC like all others (Abe, Exti, Valg, Scorch) so no reason to have a different status.

    This is only an opinion, not draft of a new law, which can be amended.

    Our owners and admins will find the right way to keep cluster attractive for all.

    Thank you all for your patience to read my post.

  • Fifth option: cluster wipe and no tranfers except for characters. OP element and items from Extinction and Genesis stay contained, and prices for dinos and tek stuff on other maps goes up. On maps like Rag, where metal is rare, it'll become a viable currency again. Harder for big traders to hog the market across the entire cluster, easier for smaller traders to get a foothold if they focus on only a map or two. Plus no random small bases everywhere, if you want to settle on a new map you have to start from scratch and actually build the infrastructure and do the taming required.

    Or just leave things as they are, because they're good. ARK changes with each DLC, the game and meta evolve constantly, and fighting that is pointless or outright harmful.