Mod suggestion - "Bitou2k's Binocular"

  • I'd like to suggest a mod to be added to the pvp server:

    "Bitou2k's Binocular"…iledetails/?id=1136125765

    Just a nice quality of life mod that makes ARK a bit more enjoyable.

    - edit

    Dani pointed out that is also let's you see stats of enemy tamed dinos which of course is not good.
    Will see if I can find a mod that only lets you see stats of your own + wild dinos.

  • This is exactly what the owner dont want on the PvP cluster. As i understood the Spyglass was not added so ppl cannont check out the stats of enemy dinos.

    I agree this should not be allowed.

    I will see if there is a mod that only lets you see stats of your own + wild dinos then.

  • 3.) Have you considered adding an advanced spyglass to see stats or color event days for dinos?

    The PvE cluster mod collection contains an improved Spyglass, for PvP we won’t add it, because it’s too strong.

    If you check the suggestions subforum, a spyglass mod was requested many times and the answer was always the same...

    Also, to see your own stats, target the dino and type /ds in chat.

  • Or the vanilla magnifying glass thingy. That one works on wild dinos, your dinos, and enemy dinos. Only problem is you have to get real close and personal with them, the range is crap.

    As for a spyglass mod that can only let you see the stats of your own dinos, I never heard of one. Their configs aren't usually that detailed.

  • I wasn't aware that was possible. Thank you for letting me know.

    I still think it would be very nice to have some sort of mod to know the stats of wild dinos though.

    Would make it a lot easier to decide if it's worth knocking out or not.