Genesis release plans + PvP Season 2

  • Hello survivors,

    you're probably as excited as we are: The new Genesis DLC - Part 1 will be released on February 25th. It currently looks like there will be no further delay of this date. Therefore, we would like to inform you about our plans for the new DLC.

    The good news in advance: Both the PvP cluster and the PvE cluster will receive their own genesis server. However, we will do things differently on both clusters.

    PvE Cluster - Genesis:

    • The new Genesis server will be deployed as soon as possible after the Genesis release
    • We know that many of you want to test the new DLC and will offer more than 50 slots to meet the demand
    • The transfer of items and dinos will be completely blocked in both directions (from and to Genesis)
    • However, you can travel to and from Genesis with your character
    • The further planning for the item and dino transfers will be announced in the next few weeks after a detailed assessment of the new DLC
    • There will be no voting rewards on the Genesis server for the first four weeks. We are still discussing the possibility of a Genesis exclusive Auction House during the first few weeks

    PvP Cluster - Genesis and Season 2:

    • The PvP cluster will be wiped on friday after Genesis release. Genesis will be available then.
    • Season 2 will include the following maps: Valguero, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis
    • Most of the dinos from Extinction and Abberation will also spawn on Valguero
    • Element transfers will be disabled
    • Teaming will be forbidden
    • There will be no voting rewards within the first two weeks
    • ORP will stay the same with minor optimizations
    • All plugins will be updated to the newest version
    • Other settings will remain the same like in season 1

    Genesis on GhostData

    We are trying to get Genesis added to GhostData as soon as possible after the release, but this might take a bit of time. We are also working on optimizations for GhostData that we are planning to rollout at the same time.

    Important note for the release:

    Expect bugs! Expect many bugs! Expect gamebreaking bugs! We will probably run into a lot of issues, especially with some mods and plugins. We are trying our best to solve things as soon as possible if even possible. A lot of stuff will be broken and Wildcard will flood us with patches the days after Genesis release. This is not in our hands and therefore we ask for your understanding and patience.

  • I hope this is the place to ask it, excuse me if not, but will the dino limit stay the same? cause every tribe will probably hit limit cap for the first few days, Idk if it's possible to temporary make the tame limit higher


  • Why would you need a higher dino limit if you got soul balls? If we increase both player and dino limit this will cause the new map to be crowded and laggy. We do not think this is a good decision to make, but maybe we just missed out something.

  • Having a fresh start on Genesis is perfect. same as every other DLC launch for ghost division. having 4 weeks + to keep the DLC in a bubble is great because it makes for more player interaction and trading in the map. when it comes to having dinos go FROM genesis TO another map that becomes a bit strange and kinda screws up the balance of things on the other maps atleast for the first few weeks. the only advantage players have is the levels and engrams from other bosses to bring to genesis. apart from that its like playing all over again :) its amazing. cant wait to get started and see how it goes

    TLDR: Fresh start is the best way to experience a new DLC. having your 90 mele 90 hp gigga on day 1 is a fast track to ruining the experience for yourself.

    See yall in genesis!

  • We will add this mod to Valguero:…iledetails/?id=1786522940

    It is from the modder that made Valguero and adds everything he had planned for the map but was not allowed by WC. This way we want to give players more possibilities to get the most important dinos.

    Will transfers between Genesis and other maps be available on the PVP cluster?

    We plan to open transfers in both directions from start on. With the cluster wipe there is nothing to bring with you anyways. We might change that decision though, depending on what Genesis will bring. We will use the next few days to check this and announce something if we change our plans.

  • Any thoughts on decreasing the element u get from ele veins on pvp? getting 4k ele per vein makes element super easy to farm, I understand its a fast paced server, therefore the seasons , but it makes crafting tek suits with 2k dura basically baseline and easy and draining tek turrets takes literally hours.

    I just think limiting element gains will help a lot balancing pvp and raiding.

  • Anyone else concerned how will we get back to the rest of the cluster from Genesis? what if pillars (if there is any) are in a zone where you need to progress to reach them and not able to get back to your main server for a while at all.

  • Anyone else concerned how will we get back to the rest of the cluster from Genesis? what if pillars (if there is any) are in a zone where you need to progress to reach them and not able to get back to your main server for a while at all.

    I'm actually worried about this too. So I'll fill my tek gens, soul ball all my dinos, and leave behind my crafting alt in case I'll need to have a contact with the rest of the cluster. But I don't think element will be that hard to get in Genesis, so we should have transmitters in a few days tops.

  • We will log in to the server and make sure it runs as planned, but we will not be able to do proper testing as this would take us severalt days with the few people we are in the team. We will need to see if any bugs occur and react to them. We want to give you Genesis as soon as possible and as long as the server runs and all mods are working we will give it a go. If we see major problems with opening the map to the community we will of course take action!

  • Since the new map is just a "simulation" I guess travelling will work different than before, but we do not know more than you do, so we will have to wait and see.

    In case transferring off of Genesis will be very hard, say there's little to no element for transmitters and obelisks are hard to reach, would the team consider placing a public transmitter somewhere? From what I managed to gather about Genesis this far, the swamp area will be the starting point, and you'll need to earn hexagons from HLNA's missions to travel to the other biomes. I may be VERY wrong about this though.