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  • Thats a first. Mostly had complaints that I was too cheap haha.
    Either way, nobody is forcing you to buy from me.

    And sales are doing fine thank you :)

    You are welcome, i meant nothing bad by it. Just expressing my opinion. I dont find your 250 GC price for one breedable dino afordable. i am sure you are a nice guy to your customers.

  • 9GC per Day, 63GC per Week, 279GC per Month

    Its very much affordable, and prices are fine - cause these prices are not made for ppl who play here for 1 week.

    Plus once you start breeding decent dinos yourself you can sell them and make a ton. I made 200gc just selling tamed crystal wyverns that didn't have higher stats than my current line. Just be patient and the GC will roll in.

    Theos prices are fair if you think about it. Most of his high priced dinos (like the crystal wyverns) have really good stat lines and are clean. I thought they were a little pricey until I bred wyverns with stats similar to Theo's and it take a LOT of work effort and time. The price reflects this. Plus Theo is really reasonable when you're buying off him, often going a bit extra even. Now Let's stop blowing up Theo's advert post and let him get back to whatever he's doing :P

  • Small bump.

    Got some new wyverns eggs (including some fire ones). All listed in first post.

    Wyverns (price per egg obviously)

    1 x Ice 150 (10gc)

    2 x Poison 160 (15gc)

    1 x Poison 170 (25gc)
    2 x Ice 170 (25gc)

    6 x Fire 170 (25gc)

    3 x Lightning 170 (25gc)

    1 x Ice 175 (30gc)

    1 x Fire 175 (30gc)

    1 x Poison 180 (35gc)

    2 x Fire 180 (35gc)

    1 x Ice 185 (40gc)

    2 x Poison 185 (40gc)

    3 x Fire 185 (40gc)

    1 x Poison 190 (45gc)

    Rockdrakes (price per egg obviously)

    2x 165 (19gc)

    1x 170 (20gc)

    2x 175 (25gc)

  • Little bump.

    Lowered some dino prices.

    Even more new Wyvern eggs. Check post above or first post.

    And we added 5 more saddles we can hit cap with to first post and gdocs. (pte, tuso, stego, plesio and plesio plat)

  • hi i wanted to get 3 SS transmitter 1 SS replicator 1SS generator 3 SS spleeping pod and i wanted to know if you have element to sell thanks

    Can do that. And I have dust for sale (5k dust 1gc), you can make that into element if you learn the engram on Extinction.

    For quick trading msg me on discord The0#7513 or pm me here so we can arrange a meet for the trade.