Looking for a Tribe

  • Hi,
    I usually play PvPs but I don't have tribe to play with nor the time to keep solo playing. Now, being on spring break I played PvP but I already achieved everything one would achieve solo playing. Therefore I am looking for a tribe willing to take me in on PvE. I will not be very active through days cause I'm med student, studying away and I don't have a proper PC a the place, although I can be very active and helpful during breaks. I have had this game since it's beta release and I am pretty experienced.
    PS. I do follow the tribe rules, never done an inside as I am very loyal, don't take someone else's dinos and never tried to take revenges on tribemates since I believe it's pointless and it's causing more destruction only. If I do a mistake (what i rarely do) and harm I do repay for my faults.