Rent a Base at Die roten Pandas

  • Brand New Special Offer - Genesis 2 Water Breeding

    Due to the limited space on Genesis we are offering our state of the art water breeding base for rent! Only 10 Element per day and you can breed whatever you like, there is a lot of space, a parking lot for your raft and a guest house (Screenshots will follow)!

    Contact Gunnsen or me if you are interested!

    Dear Co-Survivors,

    we know many of you might want to breed aquatic animals but do not have access to a base with enough water space. The size of an outpost is not large enough for the big creatures down in the sea and it is risky and annoying to build a temporary defense every time you breed.

    This is why Gunnsen and I decided to offer our Ragnarok Base which was designed to breed even the largest aquatic creatures in Ark. Since we do not use that base too often and most of the time it is a sad, lonely place in the ocean we want to rent the base out to you.

    In our base there is a Guest Room just waiting for your arrival giving you access to some storages, refrigerators, a tek trough, grill and more. Our transmitter and hatcheries are of course available to you, too. You will have access to two decks above the water and a big tube (diameter of the base) all the way down to the ocean floor. Thanks to our Tek elevators you can reach everything within seconds.

    On top of that you will enjoy a 360 degrees ocean view, athmospheric lighning that will make your creatures mate like crazy, quick access to the Tuso trench and some of the best sunsets you ever saw.

    You can reach the base either with our open S+ Teleporter, any flying or swimming creature or by raft (can be your spawnpoint too). The base is located at Lat 55.5 Lon 24 on PvE Ragnarok. We are waiting for you.

    Our base is available for only 10GC a day or 25 GC for a weekend (Friday - Sunday). Please contact Gunnsen or Cherie in Discord or PM if you are interested.


    Die roten Pandas

  • Cherie

    Set the Label from PvE Ragnarok to PvE Genesis 2