Increase save-time interval

  • It is beginning to be very annoying when the server is performing a world save - at least on Ragnarok.

    Therefore, I suggest that the interval is increased a bit, so the lag doesn't feel like constant interruptions of the game.

    I understand that the interval is set short so the rollback is not that huge in case of a crash, but personally I would rather lose some progress and avoid the constant lag - and to be honest, how often does the server crash anyway?

    Anyone else feeling the same way?

  • Auto-save is already set to 30 minutes, we will not increase that. What you are currently experiencing is btw. not the auto save function, it is just Wildcard trying to fix undermeshing. Since they released their new algorithm that scans the map for meshers all servers inlcuding officials have the same problem with laggs. Of course a big cluster with lots of players and a big map can make it even worse but we still need to wait for a fix.

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