Valentine's event and fishing in general

  • Hey so I have a few questions about the upcoming event, and about fishing on the PVE cluster in general.

    As far as I know, the event will start on the 14th. We will need to fish for chibis, both the ones from the Christmas event as well as new ones. So my questions are:

    1: Will the event start on the 14th on the cluster as well, or will the team have to activate it manually? Checking for bugs and whatnot like you do with new maps.

    2: Will the quality of the rod matter? From what I could find, WildCard said nothing about this, but I have a hunch it will. If that's the case I have to find myself some good rods cause I have none at the moment.

    3: Is fishing in general nerfed on the cluster? Last time I fished, even with a 300+ MC rod I got only crap. On other servers I got a lot of equipment and BPs from fishing with similar rods, though that was quite a while ago and it's possible that WildCard themselves nerfed fishing in the meantime.

    I also hope that this event will go smoothly and those of us that didn't get chibis during the Christmas event will get some now. If I got anything wrong in this post, please correct me.

  • idk if fishing rod blueprints still exist tbh. But you get a quality fishing rod from killing alpha tusos(always 1, might be left in a bag upon the tuso's death if your tame doesn't auto harvest it).

    To add to this: alpha tusos have a 100% chance of giving you a rod. Alpha mosas also give rods as loot, but they only have a 20% chance. This is all info from the wiki, and unfortunately it's not specified if they can drop BPs too (which they did the last time I went fishing, but that was at least 2 years ago).

  • WC nerfed fishing at some point, yeah. It was ridiculous when it started. I sat down and fished for like 2 hours and got like several dozen asc BPs

    I know it was OP when it was introduced, and there was a nerf shortly after. But even after that nerf, with a good enough rod, fishing was still OP.

    I played on GTJak3d's cluster back when he hosted it. He had the stargate mod, and that mod introduced a location where you could fish for ascendant rod BPs exclusively. I got a few, crafted the best, and went fishing. They were around 300-400 % rods, and I got INSANE loot even from choels. That was more than a year after fishing was introduced and WC did the first nerf for it.

    On GD, the best rod I ever managed to find was a MC with 200 something melee. Like an idiot I crafted it with no bonus. Even from big sabertooth salmon I barely got any scraps of loot. But that was back when GD had custom loot tables. Now that we have the vanilla tables, and (I assume) no loot multipliers, unless fishing suffered another nerf in the meantime it should still be kinda' OP with a good rod.

    I'm in search of a good rod as we speak to test it out, but I can't find any alphas all of a sudden. I'm also curious if rod BPs drop anywhere anymore, cause I can't find anything about it online.