No Gachas spawning in the cave!!

  • Yo! Can an admin come to Ext and destroy the bases which are blocking the gacha spawn? there are no gachas at all?! Or can the owners of the bases come and destroy it please?
    Coords and names of the tribe owners:

    OEM 20:00 32:22

    Aberrant 18:67 30:07

    Wakanda 16:80 33:63

    PSP 18:24 25:75

  • But you know, atleast the players could build somewhere else, not every corner a 2x2 or a base big like the whole place. They could build anywhere on the map, not in the cave. They are making it more difficult + the spawn is broken too. That could be a rule.. no building in gacha cave at all..

  • There is no real problem with the Gacha spawn. I lived down there for 1.5 months tamed 100s of gachas all infront of my base and those spaces are open now.

    The real problem since i moved out noones lives activ down there. That mean the cave is not rendered by the server and as we all see the Dinos only start spawning in when someone enters. If someone would render the cave more often the spawn would fix themself. And its ture that u need to clean the forest of dinos to get Gachas to spawn, but that pretty hard if there are no spawns at all, because of the above reasons.

  • You can't destroy other's people bases when they live there for like 1 year or anytime you can think of, they built there and it is allowed to build there, by all means you can make a ticket, owners/admins will respond to you there but no need to public shame stuff like this cause it's like this since I joined 4 months ago, please just try looking more around the mesh, I still find gachas till this day, just harder to find cause a lot of bases, if it bothered the owners/admins something will be done about it already, also Ik many nice people who can give you 1 or 2 gachas for free, including me, so please calm down :)

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  • My tribemate and I found 2 last night. Just had to fly around to activate the spawns again but only took 10-15 minutes of flying around.

  • and again the thing with gachas you dont necessarily need high levels just a breed pair and they will get random crafts with each offspring, you also dont have to imprint them so its basically an easy line start once you get those first two