Castles, keeps, and forts; eco's RP decor

  • The new screenshot contest got me thinking: when's the last time I tried to build something awesome and actually good looking in ARK?

    Well it wasn't that long ago actually. Two weeks ago I tried to build a nice looking base on extinction, only to be reminded of the game's limitations when it comes to building. All of a sudden I remembered why I've been sticking to metal boxes for the past two years: it's hard to build anything, the structures are few and restrictive, etc. Yes, there's a few tiers of them all with different looks and aesthetics, but that doesn't mean anything when you can't round the corner of a roof or when the only pieces of furniture you have are a chair and a table.

    To cut a long story short, here's two mods I recommend: Castles, Keeps, and Forts (CKF for short), and Eco's RP decor (or really any other mod that adds some furniture and interior pieces to pretty up the rooms of our builds).


    -More things to do, both for new players and old players that reached the endgame and are bored

    -Makes building more fun and challanging, but also more rewarding

    -Bases will be prettier, not just random sized boxes

    -Both mods play nice with vanilla structures and S+ structures, no need to tear down your old base entirely (though I for one would)


    -Longer loading times when logging in and hopping maps

    -More lag while playing

    -Longer freezes while passing by someone's base and you have to load it (maybe this one's just my potato laptop, Idk)

    -Potential OP items, as some of them have functionality besides just looks

    Despite all of that, I'd love for building to be a bigger part of the PVE experience. Right now, the only difference between PVE and PVP is that you can grind in peace, but the grind gets pointless and boring after a while.

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  • We had several polls and discussions about deco mods in the past and most of the players do not want to have them on the server. They significantly increase loading time, laggs and savegame sizes (that causes longer worldsave lags). It is already possible to build awesome bases with vanilla stuff, so there is no need for that oversized monster of a mod :-D

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