Market Discussion

  • Cheap tp prices arent the issue, market will settle itself. The problem is that there is too much supply. Btw you cant stop pple from selling their breedable dino's. It would be nice however to stop the montly reward for most votes since those top tier items are crushing every other lower tier tp prices. A few solutions to pump life into the market and counter the supply and increase demand are:

    - remove or nerf monthly most votes reward (might be better to go bonus GC instead) / take back all these items and give GCs back instead. including all BPS

    - do NOT regulate the market, its a market for a reason. You can regulate your reward vault.

    - find a way to use GC other than reward vault. It is neccesary to take GC out of the economy to make GC more scarce again this will pump prices. example would be selling items which arent available trough in game gameplay like unique skins, superhigh % weaps / armor / saddles etc (definetly no BP's!!!)

    - make some items map only?

    - full server wipe starting with some of the above

    These are only suggestions, but be aware that the main issue is that there is too much supply and no way for end game players to use their GC's.

    **Edit cloning is also a bad factor regarding the dino supply on the market. Remove cloning

  • I wish people will buy from reward vault, I see only people buying from other people or from the AH, so please consider what you said again.

    Also a full server wipe won't change a thing sadly, it will become what it is now in a few months.

    And by using GC in other ways is an option, but you can't make people decide what to buy or not, it's Their GC.

    I do have an issue of other people selling other peoples LINE, by that I mean, buying from someone for 30 gc a breedable pair of tek rexes, and then breeding them and selling each one for the lower price of the person who sold you it, I really hate seeing that, but I don't mind seeing people selling like one or two stats of someone's line, that's not the issue at all, I am more talking about people claiming it's theirs and it's not, Tek Rexes, Gigas, Manas, ect.

    -DorIdose :)


    I saw you said end game players won't be able to use their gc at all? I always see people with 10k gc buy something or need something, if they have lots of gc doesn't mean they have all they need, if so they wouldn't have a point to even play, we even had an AH Event and people spent thousands of GC to get things, it was nice.

  • I think i've said it a long time ago and i'll keep saying it "i hate the ghost coin system". I know why it was added but i hate what it transformed these servers into. All i see is people obsessed with acumulating coins like their life depends on it which makes me sad.

    Right now on PVE all you can do is acumulate stuff but you don't consume anything. I don't know if it is possible but i would love a system like RUST has where stuff decays and you actually need to gather resources.

    I would love for the game to be about dinos and ingame original resource trading again.

  • Or some mechanism where you can "waste" GC.
    Some optical/skin things, or maybe more events like the auction event.

    Otherwise there will be more and more GC and the value of things cant be defined. Like in real life, if there is more and more money without ressources behind it the market doesnt work very well.