Increase death bag duration/ decrease time between mod update checks

  • Hi guys,

    I've been really ticked off by dying and losing a lot of good stuff due to server screw-ups and not to ark bugs. Most recently, I just lost another 20k element tek suit to a forced restart to a mod update. Now owing to the mod update time (potentially 1hr and 15 mins) I will lose everything without any chance of being able to get them back. So either increasing duration for which the death bag lasts or by decreasing GREATLY the time needed to check for updating mods/ark version, or even decreasing the time for restart from 15-5 minutes would go a long way in making sure people don't lost stuff to server bullshit and not ark bugs.

    Somethings like these NEED to be changed, or at least addressed. Having both a no-refund policy and not giving people a chance to recover their things is absolutely garbage. I usually write with a clear head, but this is happening multiple times to a lot of people and it really gets on people's nerves to lose large amounts of progress and being unable to go and recover it. This is normal gameplay, not a boss fight or anything of the sort and I am sure LOTS of people will have the same opinion as me.


    Survived because of some sick luck but my argument still stands.

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    or even decreasing the time for restart from 15-5 minutes would go a long way in making sure people don't lost stuff to server bullshit and not ark bugs.

    Cant wait to see people cry that when the server announced 5 minutes countdown to update, they were in the middle of a bossfight/ cave/ across the map from their base and lost it/ couldn't reach a safe place/ whatever.

  • I do not get what the problem is here. If you get disconnected you can rejoin only a few minutes later to get back your stuff (if you died). Only thing that might be a problem is if your client crashed and the same time an update for Ark or a mod was released. That way Steam will update your game files and you will not be able to join until the servers also updated. This is happening from time to time, but only in a few very unlucky instances per year. If this is what botheres you I guess we will not change the way our servers work for a few lost items per year.

    If there is another way to lose items because of our update policy pleas explain.

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  • Hi gunnsen, thanks for the reply. What you described is indeed an issue. Maybe in these cases you can look at refunds if the value of something to be lost is very high. Or, increasing the duration death bags last to 1hour 30 mins. If not possible, i understand. Please close this thread in that case!

  • Hey ThumperMan007

    decreasing the time between mod update checks can result into issues and also have a negative impact on the players experience. Especially on days with plenty of mod updates, this can result into very short warning times.

    In regards to the increased loot bag timer: This multiplier also scales for the dropped items in general. Increasing this amount would heavily impact server performance especially when removing bigger bases or when someone throws away a lot of items individually.

    Therefore, I will switch the status of this suggestion to declined.

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