Setting up your ORP area

Our PvP rules changed with the wipe, please make sure to read them thoroughly.

Added: Tribe names have to be identical on all servers in the cluster.
Added: Each tribe can define one ORP location per server.

Changed: When logging out with active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 45 minutes
Changed: Ragnarok/Valguero: Building around the wyvern trench or in the wyvern cave is not permitted.

Removed: Teaming is forbidden in all raid activities.
Removed: Raid protection is only granted if your main base got raided.
  • You can set up one ORP area per server with chat commands, the area is spheric and has a radius of 25.5 foundations.

    All structures and passive dinos are safe inside of that area, non-passive dinos take 50% reduced damage. Also all turrets inside ORP area will only deal 10% damage but not use any ammunition.

    Chat commands:

    1. /setorp <name> - sets orp to current player location
    2. /setorp <id> <name> - replaces ORP <id> with current location

    1. /listorp - Gives list of current ORPs

    1. /removeorp <name> -Removes ORP with <name>

    1. /orp - will give message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not. Will also tell you if your target has active ORP or not and if you have an active PvP cooldown