QA [18th october] answers

  • 1.) When is the next PvP wipe planned?

    Right we have no decision regarding a possible PvP cluster wipe. We are still working on the upcoming PvP changes and are going to have a team meeting on the next weekend to make decisions regarding the future of PvP. As soon as we have ore details, we will share them with you.

    2.) Would you increase decay timers of uploaded dinos and items to one week? I know Ark data isn't for storing stuff, but sometimes we upload important things and then forget to download or have to leave the game with no time for it and aren't able to come online for a few days. Since we are allowed to be inactive for 7 days, it would be very convenient to be able to keep our uploads for this long as well. (Currently it's 4 days)

    This might cause disconnection issues, because the files in the cluster directory would increase. Big file sizes are a big problem for the ARK transfer system, so thats why we want to be careful with such changes. We will test it though and then we will see if this is possible or not.

    3.) Have you considered adding an advanced spyglass to see stats or color event days for dinos?

    The PvE cluster mod collection contains an improved Spyglass, for PvP we won’t add it, because it’s too strong.

    4.) Can you post answers to these questions in form of regular text? The way they are now, the answers can’t be included in forum search results and they may potentially contain important or useful information.

    Yes, good point.

    5.) Have you also considered rebalancing the dino prices in the rewards vault? Seems odd that a mana and a shinehorn can sell for the same price.

    We will discuss a possible change in the team.

    6.) Do you have an ETA on orp changes?

    Same as 1.)

    7.) archaeoptheryx cannot be imprinted. 2 min left until imprint when it got adult why?

    Actually imprinting settings were changed based on the feedback of the community a while ago. This resulted into the issue you are describing. We are not able to change values for a certain dino, changing values will affect every single dino. Thats why we can't solve this.

    8.) There has been quite a few requests to have a separate chat for PVE and PVP marketplace. Can y'all make that happen? xD

    This didn't work in the past, because people simply didn't read. They spam their PvP content in PvE marketplace and the other way around. This caused too much moderation work and resulted into merging both marketplaces to one.

    9.) Around early november there will be changes to pvp? which probably includes a wipe aswell? I would like confimation on this, I joined this cluster today because Noobs Rising decided today that they will either wipe or remove there pvp servers (even though they started pvp servers 2 weeks ago). I am not planning on wasting time 2 times in a row cuz of wipes

    Same as 1.)

    10.) AH: we are able to list element and element dust, but not able to purchase it. Can you make it both either enabled or disabled?

    After taking a look into this, there is no option to block the listing of items. We can only block purchases.

    11.) What is the mating interval?

    0.5 with normal rates and 0.25 with breeding event enabled.

    12.) What's the reason for not opening up new maps immediately after you start hosting them? And why do you open them up for voting rewards earlier then for transfers?

    We want to give all players the same chances for a good building spot. New maps often come with new features and content that you can explore. We don't want you to bring all your content to rush thru it, but to actually enjoy and play it as ARK wants you to play it. This also improves interaction between the players (i.e. if they find out something new and help each other). It also gives you challenge you wouldn't have with all your TEK gear from the rest of the cluster.

    13.) Why don’t we change ORP in the weekend that you can raid bases offline but with more health protection or something.

    Same as 1.)

    14.) why is the breeding interval so long? could you change it in pvp so that it isnt so tedious to kill bosses?

    Same as 1.)

    15.) Guys can we discuss upping the dino spawn rate on valguero to fix the deep sea spawn .. i mean quarter the map is kinda dead

    This is sadly nothing we can change without risking a mess. It is something that WC has to fix. Based on our experience, the dino spawn multiplier reacts HEAVILY to even small adjustments. This could possibly result into 10's of thousands of additional dinos and in the end a huge performance loss.

    16.) have you guys considered disabling AI special attack on aberration ONLY? This would make megalosauruses EXTREMELY viable.

    We will discuss this in the team and check the options.

    17.) I have one more question. The dungeon crates on aberration have abysmal respawn times and spawn only 1 at a time, roughly every 30 minutes. They also seem to be linked to picking up an artifact. Anyway to patch the respawn timer?