PvE - Change recipe for S+ Tek Refrigerator

  • Currently S+ tek refrigerator requires King titan trophy (beta) along with 64 S+ refrigerator for a single craft. What this means is if anyone wants to have this they would need to not only setup base in extinction but also fight all the titans twice for trophy then fight king titan twice (gamma then beta) & you only get a single fridge out of it. If this was unlock requriment it would have been sort of fine but for crafting it isn't possible for small tribes. S+ tek cooking pot & laboratory require element instead of trophy. Could you guys please consider changing trophy to element?

  • I think thats the whole point of the fridge. Iirc it was removed first but readded as the recipe is very hard.

    It is pretty much op and should only be available to tribes that beat very hard content.

  • Never mind then, sorry. I started playing ark again recently & was going through all the new engrams when saw that & thought that was crazy. If its op then I guess it makes sense. May I ask what makes it so op?

  • It also doubles the spoil timer (so does preserving salt). Resetting spoil timer isn't a big deal, you can do it without this fridge.

    Imo it cost could be changed to something else (10x generic artifact?)

  • There is a big problem / glitch coming with customized prices. We had to reset the Vivarium to the original costs too, but we reckon that is not a big problem after the kibble rework. We can things make more expensive, but if we reduce costs there is a way to exploit this.

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