How do i join the server? / I can't see the server!

  • How do i join the server? / I can't see the server!

    Note: this server is Steam only!

    Players from Epic, PS4 or Xbox/Win10 won't be able to join.

    Epic is expected to support mods in the future and therefore let you join from it.

    Servers restart daily at 12:15 Central European Time and in case of game/ mod update. It may take 5-10 minutes.

    You can check if they are currently online on the forum main page or on Battlemetrics (links at the bottom).

    0. Make sure that you installed the map you are joining.

    If you don't install the map before joining, ARK will crash.

    1. Subscribe to all mods used on the server, launch Ark and let them download and install (watch bottom right corner to see its progress).

    Don't join the server until all mods are installed.

    PvE mod collection

    2. Add the server IP to your favorites.

    >How to add IP to favorites? - guide<

    PvE IPs:

    The Island:
    The Center:

    Genesis 1:

    Genesis 2:

    Crystal isles:

    Event Server:

    You can also click the address to join directly, but joining this way may take 5-15 minutes and will look like it's frozen -

    but it's not, don't worry, it's only doing all the work in the background.

    It's recommended to add the IP to your favorites.

    Make sure that the address has the right port (last five digits).

    3. If the Steam server list says that the server is not responding, make sure that you added the right IP (check port!).

    If it's OK, then launch Ark and filter servers by favorites (bottom left corner) - it should appear anyway.

    4. If the server doesn't appear on the in-game list, clear all filters (map, game mode etc).

    5. Uncheck "Show password protected" (bottom left corner).

    6. Restart Steam, remove the IP from favorites and add again.

    7. Verify game files (Steam library - right click Ark - Properties - Local files - Verify integrity of local files).

    8. Join Discord to discuss your issue with other players:

    9. Open a support ticket (only if all steps above have failed!),

    More issues, questions? Check this guide: Ultimate guide for players

    Battlemetrics links (check downtimes, players online, server stats and more):

    PvE - The Island

    PvE - The Center

    PvE - Scorched Earth

    PvE - Ragnarok

    PvE - Aberration

    PvE - Extinction

    PvE - Valguero

    PvE - Genesis 1

    PvE - Genesis 2

    PvP servers are no longer available.

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