Noob Guide

  • Have you ever joined a server and gotten wiped immediately only to blame everyone but yourself? Have no fear, with my guide you will do as the devs intended and survive!

    Starter Base Locations:

    The key to not getting wiped is base locations. Pick a place that is very far from resources.(if there is no reason for a random player to come farm where you built your base then the longer you stay hidden.) needless to say check all caves that do not hold artifacts

    Dont build bigger then a 2x2 until you farm out a base! Take advantage of s+ by picking up your chembench, fabricator, forges when not in use to stay as small as possible. (only build in metal btw. dont bother with stone.)

    If you have access to aberration and all the good caves are taken then grab a cliff plat and build super high away from prying eyes. Almost everyone cant be asked to attack a cliff base with turrets(BUILD AWAY FROM ANY FARMING SPOTS! SO YOU ARE


    What to do while in starter base

    Tame a male and female of each farming dino. Breed them and cryo or raise the baby. Always leave the extra in upload just in case you get meat run. (dont forget to refresh the timer before it expires)

    Always leave an extra chembench, smithy, forge 2x2 base, fabricator, tools in upload in case you get raided. (dont forget to refresh the timer before it expires)

    Farm turrets and arb (advanced rifle bullets) in this phase. Upload what you have to cloud as soon as you craft.

    Now by this time you may be running out of space in your ark data cloud. Let me run you through a scenario of how to store a slotcap of items in the cloud.

    Player x and y have main tribe on rag and have filled up their ark data cloud with failsafe stuff and need room for the arb they have been farming. Heres what they do,

    • player x and y have main tribe on rag
    • player x and y go to island and make alt tribe
    • Player x and y go back to rag and craft whip
    • X popcorns mats to player y until they are filled up (do this near where a drop spawns or an obby)
    • Player y travels to island but when on spawn screen DO NOT SPAWN IN instead exit the game. This will leave your character in the cloud and the next time you connect to a server you will be prompted if you want to respawn with whats in the cloud or a new survivor. This will keep a slotcap of things in the cloud safe for 24 hours
    • To reset your slotcap of stuff so it doesnt expire have player x place a bed near drop or obby. Player y respawns then ports off again resetting 24 hour timer of stuff in cloud.

    NOTE: while character is in cloud with slotcap of things create new character to farm with.

    Use these methods to safely secure a large base while keeping your hard earned items safe


    Having dinos for fun will just take up space and make u easier to spot and if you get raided you will just feel worse from time invested in taming stuff.

    My tribe just started and its been months since the last wipe. We are now doing bosses. If we can do it so can you!

    If you have tips ping me in discord Adam.#6969

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  • Step by step Ragna map:

    The key in early is power leveling (spaming foundations up to stone ones, then multicrafting narcotics), you need to do it so you can get to decent level as fast as possible.

    I would recomand the rafts too as they are mobile, and can be left in the midle of ocean where it is low chance that someone find you.

    Without ORP it is also mandatory, if you have hidden base, to kill yourself always before logout and also cryo all your dinos, as ppl fly around with wyvern and parasaur to detect ppl and that is usually reason why your greatly hiden base was find and you get raided when ofline...

    My prefered dino tame chain is:

    Iguanodon - cheap sadle and eazy tame (with bola+ headshots) as he has good hp it rearely happend that iguanodon dies, he is great for narcoberries farming

    Pteranodon - base flying mount, if you can tame him with sheep meat great if not doesnt mather. As soon as you have ptera you can easily kill snakes just land before them and attack you can get some prime meat from them which you can use to tame better ptera or rather argentavis.

    Argentavis He can grab anky or deod it is mandatory so you can grab and drop them in the hidden trap near turret protection. As taming them take long time it is better to be safe when doing it...

    Belzebufoo - This frog is uderrated but it is great mount and everyone should have him. He has increased dmg for insects + he has chance to harvest Cementing paste from dragonflies and ants... This is your best cemnting source early except beaver dams...

    Tuso.You can do it with army of frogs, you just let tuso grab your frog and feed it. 1x rate 150 tuso needs 7x time feeding (It eats blackpearls and I would suggest to consider 15 mins as safe timer between feeds). On ghost you will not lost frog as tuso is tamed with one feed only! If not on ghost and rates are lower always bring more frogs than needed as you can easily uderestimate the timer and nothing is worst than get out of frogs when you need last one bite... Also importatnt is that tusos has deph from which they not attack so after feeding them jsut go up and you are safe from them attacking you.

    Angler - with tuso you can grab angler and he will slowly get torpor it is rawly one basic scuba tank time to put decent level angler into sleep, angler will give you access to huge amount of silica pearlers which are mandatory for making turrets...

    You can optionaly consider to tame dunkelo: he is huge in harvesting metal from undersea, best harvesting metod for metal I ever seen, max his dmg and have some weight dinos with him so they can take load...

    Never build up base on the isles as enemy can raft raide you. If you do that just use pilars and gates so it is harder to raid but in general if it is raft accessible it is bad spot for base...

    Wyverns: you can take some with griff or my preferable way is to take decent tuso in watter wyvern cave. You can easily kill alpha wyvern with your tuso too which will provide milk for raising the babies...