Center is very laggy

  • I just got back into the server after almost half a year, and as usual, I started out on the Center map. I've been playing for the past few days, and there are constant lag spikes even when there's few/no people on.

    There are no bases within render distance of mine, my settings are the same as always, my internet is at the same speed as the last time, but I just can't get rid of the lag for some reason. And the thing is that the last time I played (about six months ago), the Center was pretty much lag free.

    This is just a minor rant, and maybe a heads up for the team that something might be off there. Also any advice to help me get the lag under control is welcome.

  • (1) Lag = delay it takes for your actions to register on the server

    (2) Packet Loss = some of those actions never make it to the server

    (3) Rubberbanding = result of packet loss, your position (which is not known to the server due to packet loss) is updated to where the server last thought you were, causing you to warp back to that position

    Which one of those is your case ExoRipper?

  • The server performs a worldsave every 15 minutes and this causes lag. Other than that, how often would you say it happens? Also are they actual lags, or rubberbanding, or..?

    It happens more often than once every 15 minutes, and it's especially bad when it rains (which is most of the time on Center).

    The first. I'll be running around, I try to open doors or collect mats, and things happen with a small delay. I do get a bit of rubber banding too, but it's not too bad or new, it happened last time as well. Mostly when I encounter bases or forests that need rendering.

    I also get framerate drops and outright freezes, but I think that's a problem on my end that I'll have to look into.

    P.S.: I don't have this problem on the other maps (except for Rag but that one's always crowded), and I don't have it on other servers or on SP.

  • Okay so I figured it out. It was a combination of the BattleEye anti-cheat acting up, and the windows 10 search function trying to index everything on my harddrive at once for no reason.

    I restarted Steam a few times until it triggered an update, and that solved the BE problem. And I just turned off the indexing, which helped immensely too. The server runs much smoother now, no more lag and just a bit of rubberbanding left (but I always had a bit of rubberbanding going on so it's nothing new).