PvP double breeding - collecting GC

  • Hello big bois of PvP,

    You may have noticed that PvE is getting all these fancy events, and PvP is kinda left behind. That's because PvE has the skill to organize it on their own. Do you?

    Yeah, so I want to help you with that.

    You can choose between Dino Scan and Double Breeding events.

    Dino Scan: you can use S+ transmitter to search for high level dinos across the map, cost: 750GC

    Double Breeding: mating, gestation/hatching and maturation timers are halved, cooldown remains the same. Good opportunity to imprint your gigas and tusos. Cost: 750GC

    Every event starts on Friday at 12:15 CEST (daily restart) and ends on Monday at restart.

    If you want to help organize these events, you can send me as many GC as you want, with transfer title "Dino scan" or "Double breeding". There will be a list of donations to keep track of them.

    I don't play PvP so have no business in running away with your GC, don't worry about that.

    You can also send GC to Kogadins if you prefer, he is a server owner. Then just make sure to provide a screenshot so i can add it to the pool.

    Once you reach the event donation goal, donators can vote on which weekend the event should take place.

    What are Ghost coins? -> All about Voting Rewards, Ghost Coins and ARc Bars

    Dino scan donations:


    Total 0/750


    Double breeding donations:

    Round 1:

    135gc by AnX0r

    389gc by braune18

    151gc by Speedy Gonzales

    9gc by Bones

    9gc by quadcore

    66gc by Peeker

    30gc by N4TE <3

    Total 750/750

    Round 2: 40/750

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