Recent server crashes

  • This week we had an update of Dino Storage, which implemented terminal snapping. Some servers, including Ghost Division, are affected by a crash related to this snapping.

    These are the crashes that keep happening on Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction since three days. The rest of maps can crash at any time too. They can't be fixed server-side it seems, but players can help to find and solve the issue.

    What you can do:

    1. When a server crashes, say what you were doing right before it - especially actions related to Dino Storage, but also teleporting, opening inventories etc. This feedback will help the mod author replicate and solve the problem.

    2. If you placed your terminals after the update, they are most likely snapped. These may cause issues. Pick up your snapped terminals and temporarily move souls to other storage (vault etc), or place terminals with disabled snapping (press G when placing).

    What server owners can do ( Gunnsen or maybe biehlomatik ?):

    1. Here are clean mod files, provided by mod author: You can download them and replace the existing mod files, to make sure that your version is 100% correct.

    2. You can also disable the terminal engram (SoulTerminal_DS_C) , to prevent players from placing new ones and this way increasing the number of crashes; until the issue is solved.

    How to remove affected terminals: it appears that sometimes crashes are delayed. Lock the servers so there arent any other players online. Go to their base (not tp), try with minimum render distance, use soul finder in max. 50 foundations range from terminal (or increase the distance in ini), pull their souls and store safely, then get inside and snipe terminals. If succeeded, place new terminals without snapping (G) and put the souls back. Ez.

    BTW. Another server that was affected by this issue (Arkade) dealt with it the same way - replaced the incorrectly snapped terminals and don't crash anymore on this map. And no, you can't tell by its look if it's correct or not. It may look trivial, but it's not.

    Extinction: found- tribe of Whiskey (discord), needs admin's intervention to remove the faulty terminals - players cant reach them without crashing the server.

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  • Dino Storage will update tomorrow. It will fix the snapping issue BUT terminals that currently are causing server crashes still have to be removed manually.

    This will also be the final mod update. At this point, the mod is finished and will only be maintenanced when needed.

  • Yeah some people dont care what other player write in the chat, some has disable it.

    The only way to clear it complete, make information, since then you have to remove it, or we will do it (Admins)

  • My tribe has completely removed the terminals, We are using a Vault at the moment with a folder named "Dinos".

    We will use the terminals again once things settle down with the mod.

    Thanks for letting us know regarding this issue.