BIG ISSUE: Popcorning and Transfering loot

  • Our last two raids just either popcorned, or downloaded literally everything.

    I think that shouldn't be allowed because it just makes raiding worthless!

    Raiding just doesn't makes fun because of this.

    Maybe think about a method to lock the upload during the raid.

    Otherwise No one is going to raid anymore.... just to kill the Dinosaurs and I don't think thats the purpose of Raiding itself.:rolleyes:

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  • Lol. If your idea of fun only is the loot, then you should play on a server that does not have orp. People that has worked for a transmitter should be able to use it as it is intended.

    I do agree with the popcorning tho, but might be hard for admins to do anything about it?

  • No the idea is not the loot only.

    But the whole idea of raiding (at least if its not a raid with the intention of just killing all dinosaurs) is to get loot.

    This is a 7 times farming Server and of cause people who farmed for it should be able to use....blocking the upload should do it anyways!

    Of cause its an issue on all official servers to and it can be used as a tactic but raiding should make sense in some way otherwise you can just play PVE cause you will get as much loot on PVE from other tribes as you do now during a raid.

  • Yes, it would mean that.

    The attackers can prepare before the raid even starts.

    The defenders on the other hand don't need anymore preparation because they should and in most cases have build defenses.

    You could argue of cause that the defenders need to get some things ready in order to defend and that might require the transmitter.

    But what I think is that the defenders in this stage of the server have build enough Turrets and stuff so they just need to get on their dinosaurs or grab their rifles and start pumping lead.

  • Like on official they dont popcorn or transfer if they are online....please....Raid protecion only counts on each map, raid on rag, then raid the target on extinc, make em cripple, come back after 3 days, gg wp

  • They do popcorn and transfer if they are online like I said we experienced it during our last two raids and I heard it from many other tribes too!

    It just takes the fun out of it!

    If they popcorn and the attackers have prof of them having a certain Blueprint or certain Cryo or whatever they could just adress it to the admins and the Problem could be fixed. Otherwise you could handle Popcorning with a Bann !

  • By blocking the S+ Transmitter during PvP Cooldown you could fix this problem

    I dont think this is a good solution, because you need the Transmitter to transport your Dino from Point A to Point B. Yes eventhough, there are cryos you need the Trans., because there is no cooldown and you can fit dinos in narrow areas.