new player to pvp, can someone pls can help me out with the start?

  • sup. i am new to pvp in ark and i tried to start littel raft house and i got wiped by the huge shark and i just cant get started becus im getting wiped every time i got something good.. if anyone can help me with basic stuff like tools and mybe dinos its will be awsome and i will help him when he will need help in the further:):thumbup: playing on the island server neer the snow zone:saint:

  • I hate to be a dick but seriously!?

    It's a PVP server where you will be ganked at every turn. Just level up by harvesting fibre, make cloth hats until like 15 and then start opening up engrams for the tools.

    It's not difficult mate - I don't play pvp anymore because I'm 45 and don't need the stress but it'll be a tough sell asking for stuff when said stuff will be killed/ stolen the next time you run into somebody...