Our PvP rules changed with the wipe, please make sure to read them thoroughly.

Added: Tribe names have to be identical on all servers in the cluster.
Added: Each tribe can define one ORP location per server.

Changed: When logging out with active PvP-Cooldown the ORP-timer is 45 minutes
Changed: Ragnarok/Valguero: Building around the wyvern trench or in the wyvern cave is not permitted.

Removed: Teaming is forbidden in all raid activities.
Removed: Raid protection is only granted if your main base got raided.
  • There are changelog channels in discord, for pve and for pvp. They were last updated in december/january and everyone knows how much happened since then. So can you start using these channels? Or make them unaccessible until you are ready to maintain them? Remove maybe?

    I heard that Ordnung muss sein ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    I see that pvp changelog is magically gone now, pve is still there :>

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