Selling Tek Rexes 85 HP 69 Melee

  • As the title suggests, I'm selling Tek Rex with stats up to 85 HP and 69 Melee.

    You can buy them on the AH or we can make an arrangement if you want to pay with GC. Yosefu#0029
    HMU and I'll put the spayed ones on the AH

    Tek Rex with 85 HP 69 Melee for 120 bars/GC breedable or 12k hide spayed.

    Tek Rex with 83 HP 67 Melee for 110 bars/GC breedable or 11k hide spayed.

    Tek Rex with 81 HP 63 Melee for 100 bars/GC breedable or 10k hide spayed.

    Tek Rex with 79 HP 59 Melee for 75 bars/GC breedable or 7.5k hide spayed.

    And as you may predict, the mutation counter is around the billion mark for some of the rexes. But thanks to wildcard choosing to use integers for the mutation counters, and the miracle known as ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* INTEGER OVERFLOW*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ most of them are close to, if not past, the 2147483647 mark where the mutation counter goes into negatives and mutations start reoccurring. Basically, check if the sum of the two parents is larger than 2147483647 and if so, the baby's offspring will have a chance to mutate and will be better for breeding than those mutation-less ones out there. If its not, just breed one or two generations and it'll get there. I've been getting mutations using this method since these babies were lvl 336 pretty easily. If you already knew this, sorry for the long explanation but a lot of people backed off when they heard the counter was high which is mind boggling imo.

  • Hey Yosefu, I purchased one of your male tek rexes on the auction house, it was one of the 3 480s the one with the most exp of the three. I spent 100 arc bars then received him, i lined him up set him to breed then the server crashed and rolled back, no big deal right. Well when I was allowed back in the male tek rex was gone. I checked my mailbox, nothing to claim. I went to the reward vault and the arc bars had been spent so I checked the auction house and the male tek rexes that i purchased was no longer there. I would appreciate some help, if you could check and see if you received your arc bars for him that would be great. Sorry for the long post. Just feeling like Ark got me....

    "UPDATE" Yosefu fixed this for me in game when he really didn't have to. A real standup gamer highly recommend doing business with him, I know I will be spending more on his goods. Thanks Again Yosefu you saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Yosefu

    Changed the title of the thread from “Selling Tek Rexes 81 HP 63 Melee” to “Selling Tek Rexes 83 HP 67 Melee”.
  • Hi Yosefu, do you accept other forms of currency for the top breed able rex's from your line or a mixture of GC/x-currency? i'd love to get hold of one on pve ragnarok if possible.

  • I'd be down for any mixture of bars and GC. But also I guess I can do something like 50 GC and 60k hide because I kinda need hide right now. I cant say that this will be a lasting offer though.

  • Yosefu

    Changed the title of the thread from “Selling Tek Rexes 83 HP 67 Melee” to “Selling Tek Rexes 85 HP 69 Melee”.
  • Checking AH for some now, had previously been looking for metal ingots as payment type, I wasn't expecting hide to be so valuable, is it possible for you to post a decent saddle for hide as well?

    Update: the ones on AH are for ARK bars, will there be a repost purchaseable with hides?

    Can arrange a trade ingame if you would prefer, i'm on the Center server for the rest of the day

  • Bought 2 520~ rexes, one male one female, Yosefu contacted me on the center to get my discord and we worked out a deal, nice guy, knows a lot about breeding, would highly reccomend trading with him since the price of 12k hide for a "Rolls royce" tier of rex is very much worth the price.

    Maybe don't buy one if you are a newer player or you might never want to use another dino :D