Add a VIP monthly subscription to allow the owners to skip these massive queues

  • On the R/playrust rust server your able to buy a vip subscription for 7$ a month. The server has a max of 200 but there are 30 reserved spots for VIP owners. In otherwords, up to 30 people can buy vip a month, and in doing that can skip any long queues or full servers.

  • Yeah, no.

    Not a fan of this. Would not recommend.

    Why not? I feel like your just being a bit of a dick as you give no reason whatsoever. This would give the owner some extra cash to host the server, as well as skipping queues. I waited 2 hours to get into rag, and because of that I had to move. This would benefeit both sides by skipping queues and helping with the server. Dont be biased because your "donator" tag wouldn't mean as much buddy.

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