S+ Auto Crafter - Unstable Element Engram

  • The S+ Auto Crafters allow you to assign an engram from other crafters or from the learned engrams your player has, however the list of options on the S+ Auto Crafter does not include Unstable Element. IF this is a setting can we change it so that players can use the S+ Auto Crafter to create Unstable Element from Element Dust?

    I understand that the long wait time of crafting unstable element from your inventory (or terminal if on ext) is a natural consequence but I dont really see its validity. Currently if someone wants to convert 20k+ dust they have to either move really slow for a long time while crafting or just sorta go afk while their player crafts stuff forever. If not possible are there other options that might speed up the process of crafting unstable element?

    Thank you for the consideration

  • Kattmat I mean that cuts down on the actual crafting time but then you gotta respec, transfer servers if you want engrams from other maps etc... Idk if that method actually saves any real time in the end

  • I transfer quite fast, transmitter next to bed on Extinction so it's like 30 sec to there and back. It's much faster than doing it without craft skill.

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