Multi-level Race Track! "Ark-Building-Company" (EVENT)

  • What time would people prefer? UK TIME (BST). Keep in mind this event will last for 2/3 hours from starting time. 6

    1. 5PM (2) 33%
    2. 8PM (2) 33%
    3. 3PM (1) 17%
    4. 6PM (1) 17%
    5. 4PM (0) 0%
    6. 7PM (0) 0%
    7. 9PM (0) 0%
    8. 10PM (0) 0%

    RACE TRACK EVENT: Okay so I am holding an event in the near future once everything is sorted and finalized! The event will be a racetrack with different obstacles along the way and the event will be judged in a tournament style. There will be multiple races, three laps per race and the winner of each race will race again to claim the winning place (Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place).

    (Note: Event will last at least 2/3 hours so please make sure you have enough time.)

    There will be other activities at the event such as best paint your own dino and other mini activities to get you in the spirit for the upcoming race. Winners of the different activities will also win a prize. If you would like to build and look after a mini activity please contact me via Discord Nebbbs#6090. You will be paid 5GC for each mini game you build after the event is over.

    (Note: You will have to join my tribe on Ragnarok map for the duration of the event).

    There will also be stalls at the event to sell dinos and items. If you would like to rent a stall please contact me via Discord Nebbbs#6090, price of stall rental is below. Security of your items/dinos will be taken with the utmost seriousness. Only you and I will know the pincode to your items and will be tribe locked to only me so other people in tribe at the time will not be able to access them.

    (Note: Please give ample time to stock up your stalls before event starts.)

    DAY OF WEEK OF EVENT: Saturday.


    • Entry To Event: 5GC.
    • Race Entry: 15GC.
    • Stall Rental: 10GC.
    • All Entry Pass (STALL INCLUDED): 25GC (limited offer).

    (Note: Payment entries will be accepted closer to the time.)


    Competition To Name Track: Contest To Name The Race Track (Upcoming Event)!


    • Please fill out the poll so I can see what day of the week people would like the event to be held on.
    • There will be other polls to gather information to better the event.

    (Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash)



  • This looks amazing! I don't really know how signups for this thing work or if they're even open right now. But you can expect to see me there for sure!

    Also, two things, I'm really happy that you put so much work into events like these and I have 100 ghost coins to donate if you need it :D

    Second, Just some suggestions :P

    Mainly just mounts, I think a water section of the race would be cool, with stuff with similar speed, such as baryonyx. A land section would be cool to use dinos you wouldn't expect such as Chalicotherium or even Pachyrhinos or Moschops.

    Just suggestions :P

    Amazing work though!

  • That video is awesome! Gave me some ideas! And Naily well I'm gonna spend a considerable amount of time on it :D and I've already thought about a water part, just trying to figure out how it's gonna all come together. And I will put a sign up on here for all those who would like to join, after I gather information and when the best time would be to host it. :D