Trial of Ganeas

  • Greetings Survivors!

    Some of you may have already noticed, that in the last couple days I started to enlargen my Donation Hut for Beginners into a Cave full of Riddles, aswell as unlocking some parts of my main base for others, in order to place hints for them on how to unlock further floors/rooms. I am now finished with this work and can announce the prize of 50 Arc Bars + a breedable 243 Giga + a breedable 271 Mana and a breedable 256 Snow Owl for the first one to solve all Riddles and loot the Vault in the final Chamber. My Base is found on Ragnarok at 50/38, The Quest Building is outside of my Green Behemoth Gate. There are hints on what to do next. I wish you good luck and much fun. I hope you enjoy this idea and maybe check it out! My Base is the metal base near Green Obelisk.

    I will try to put a few items into the vault after it is looted for the first time, but that will be less than the prize for first and I cant guarantee that there is something inside for everyone, but I will try to do so! However, try to become first! :P


    Greetings Ganeas

  • Ill just added another 50 arc bars for the winner. So its now 100. For now it looks like 25-30% might have been done/solved with the more challenging riddles waiting for u at the end.