[PVE] Event Suggestions

  • Hello Guys

    We are currently looking forward on creating Events for our Community. We plan to do an event once a month but the exact time will still be determined by the Team. (Availablility and free time)

    So, we already got some basic ideas but we would like to have your ideas aswell.

    We also offer a reward for the best ideas.

    1. 100 GC

    2. 50 GC

    3. 25 GC

    The ranking will be done within the team.

    So feel free to share your ideas.


    GD Admin Team

  • Last man standing

    10 raptors

    a group of naked survivors

    all in a closed of area

    need i say more :D

    maybe some kind of ranking is needed since everyone have different health but would still be hilarous to watch

  • Yo guess who's back

    Here's some random ones: Ones that isn't limited to spawning stuff or enabling PvP / having someone die on PvE

    Shooting range: Get a mammoth and paint a target on the side, using bow and arrow stand far away and see who can hit it from the furthest away

    Gallimimus race: make a random road out of thatch ceilings and pillars (expensive as the road will be fairly long) includes a lot of turns (hit me up if you wanna do this)

    Wandering dodo race: get a dodo from each participant in a little 1x1x1 box that has a line out seperated by a double door with a pin (think horse racing) then use a pin lock to open all the doors at the same time, and see what dodo will wander ON THEIR OWN to the goal. (Note that this can take a long time)

    Glider jump: This one is simple, build up a large platform and have people use their glider to see who can get the furthest participants are to stand still when they land until it can be marked with a dodo to avoid interference with other jumpers.

  • And as for some that includes spawning / enabling PvP and or dying on PvE

    Annual PvE fightoff - make an arena where you can bring your biggest, baddest dinos to a bloodrushing fight, this fight would include any 5 dinos you want to bring. No dinos are banned (except titanos and other massive dinos), BUT large dinos wouldn't be allowed to use saddles, while smaller and medium size dinos would. - Do note that this would require a way to make copies of balled up dinos so that they would be able to consistantly fight / or simply say that it's a battle to last, no dinos will be refunded, but they will be healed between battles, so if they died, you'd be going into the next battle with less dinos. (and this would actually be fair as it's the same rule for everyone)

    Find the Dodo - spawn a dodo with an unconventional level somewhere on the map (maybe multiple) and have survivers find it, once found they'll have to be tamed to be claimed as found. The tribe to find most dodos wins.

    Bloodmoon event - make a backup of the servers and keep those safe, then spawn a bunch of event bosses (dodorex etc.) perhaps at a slightly higher level than normal if possible. Then have them rampage the map, as survivors try to fend them off

    Protect the king - (This will include a mod that has immortal buildings to prevent stuff breaking) make a large area (with walls) and say each tribe can bring x amount of dinos to defend the king, then spawn stuff (at a high level) then spawn "the king" a random dino at a high level with quite a lot of health, set that dino as passive / flee and wandering - then defenders would have to defend the king for as long as possible as admins continuously spawns waves of dinos at an increasingly hard difficulty

    Survival of the fittest - this one is taking down one of the server for a day and starting a survival of the fittest server, then hold a survival of the fittest tournament

  • I got some suggestions to event, which I held on a private ps4 server last year..

    1. A parachute competetion.. PPL jump down from a Quetzal platform, and the goal is to land at a marker on the ground...

    2. A tek ATV race, on a cool course marked on the ground.

  • Treasure Hunting - Long time ago Kat made event with few golden poop chests spread across the map includding the rewards inside of them. The first to find the treasure gets the loot and admin TP to that player to confirm the finding and take a #Selfie Together :D. It may be done without a loot inside the treasure and the admin to give some cool items to that player who finds it...to avoid stealing of loot if few people find the chest and so on. The reward might be GC aswell or ARc Bars since its ingame. I also suggest a forum section where every month top winners per map "$include=month$ Treasure Hunting Event Winners PvE/PvP"to get their #Selfies and names listed. The event times/days should be different for every map, so people can join multiple maps over the event duration and be able to win on ALL maps.

  • I'm gonna keep it short:

    1) raid admin base- admins build base, and event's participants try to raid it in given time. Winner get a loot

    2) dron race - self explained

    3) fight arena - 1vs1 / 2vs2 in enclosed ring, where you can have only Melee weapon and shield

    4) paintball - small arena with many obstacles, where 2 teams fight each other with Tranq arrows/darts . When whole team is sleeping, game is over. Glass ceiling so everyone can watch it from above :)

    Have a good one!

    • An escape room/house build by the admins with some riddles in it to solve like some board with some basic math resulting in an code to open the next pinlocked door. Maybe some jumping on pillars, sliding on rails and a maze like in the lifes labyrinth.
    • Maybe a tame event. Admins tell the people what monster to tame and what stat they are looking for and the person with the highest tamed stat of this wins. E.g. Argentavis - Oxygen.
  • That wont be possible for PVE ;)

  • The Manta Ray Grand Prix

    - Cluster wide event with races on all maps

    - Prizes for race winners and the total winner.

    - 150 Mantas provided for everyone and deleted after said event.
    - Prize for winner: The winning Manta?

    - Race tracks that take you across the map, preferably including river sections.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    - A special admin-bred type of dodos appear on the server, dropping golden(?) eggs.
    - Collect as many as possible throughout the day/week/weekend

    - Winners get thematic prizes (yellow stuff? :p)

    - Secret Santa
    - Someone (admin or anyone) hosts a secret santa-event where people give secret gifts.

    - You get a secret santa who gives you a gift.

    - You get a different player to gift to.

    The Night King Spear Throwing Competition

    - Named after the incredible spear throwing skills of the NIght King from Game of Thrones.

    - Targets of various sizes and lengths.

    Extreme ARK Makeover

    - A house building competition

    - A panel of judges

    - A crate of building materials and paint.

    - A lot of creative freedom in a designated area.