[PVP] Event suggestions

  • Hello Guys

    We are currently looking forward on creating Events for our Community. We plan to do an event once a month but the exact time will still be determined by the Team. (Availablility and free time)

    So, we already got some basic ideas but we would like to have your ideas aswell.

    We also offer a reward for the best ideas.

    1. 100 GC

    2. 50 GC

    3. 25 GC

    The ranking will be done within the team.

    So feel free to share your ideas.


    GD Admin Team

  • King of the Hill

    give 10 teams of 3 or 4 smth ppl the same gear and give them 5 lives(sleeping bag) then let them fight for a spot maybe a tower last team standing wins.

    Capture the Flag

    2 to 5 teams 5 ppl per team give them a small base and let them fight same gear ofcourse a few grenades and stuff like that so the raid wont be that fast and the ppl that are getting attacked can respond

  • Nah server raid on us on ext insted let everyone have 1h to set up a fob whitout getting sniped or counter pushed and get tames and shit and they all go at once agenst us :D

  • Apparently my ideas suits better for pvp, so I'm gonna post them here:

    1) raid admin base- admins build base, and event's participants try to raid it in given time. Winner get a loot

    2) dron race - self explained

    3) fight arena - 1vs1 / 2vs2 in enclosed ring, where you can have only Melee weapon and shield

    4) paintball - small arena with many obstacles, where 2 teams fight each other with Tranq arrows/darts . When whole team is sleeping, game is over. Glass ceiling so everyone can watch it from above :)

    Have a good one!

  • I have a great idea :igeltongue:!!!

    Make a Simon Says

    The goal of the game is that everyone comes naked and a Simon gives certain tasks. Last one to do it is disqualified. The game goes untill one player is left. I will be sure to type more ideas of mine ^^

  • Make like a giant base with dino cages and tell people to get wood and there will be sellers that sell things for difrent amount of wood like kibble longnecs etc owners can be the sellers and people can tame wichever dinos they want with tribe or solo you tame it you keep it

    Another idea is a giant fight in some island with crap ton of traps give them some basic weapons not op ones give em like bows swords etc and when there is only like few people left they need to go to the arena wich is high like a 5 by 5 platorm or biger and now everyone fights there and admins remove the platforms to make the arena smaller who wins gets a prize